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Asked September 25, 2017. BTW...every company with stockholders pretty much screws the employees for the sake of those few people. They sit in there ivory tower and for get were all the money is made and who make it for them.

Please let me know of a class action lawsuit. I am 23 and a single mother. if they looked at his job performance compared to mine there is no way any store manager would promote him verses me.

manager to call the district mgr.

What I suggest is that you consider it from the other way. Only this fool would think it's okay to smoke inside where your children are. @zilkster101 please contact us by sending an email to:

Drivers can wear black shorts it's in the handbook.. As long as it is not deemed "to wild or unprofessional" by the Store Manager. This type of treatment is more common in Autozone than you would believe. After 1 year with the company, I still had not received a review. I know how you feel a had been employed by auto zone for over twenty years. Loading... Autozone.pissedconsumer.comim a red shirt at autozone and to those customers who think autozone treats you bad and rips you off, your not alone. They evaluate us by how much of that stuff we sell.

It doesn’t matter the reason., User support for assistance within Mexico, email:

What is the dress code for employees.

Come in known what the *** car is you need something for. Autozone seems to have an extensive history of abusing their employees.
Simply because there is no case, AutoZone has issued their policies, rules and procedures in such a way that all of these issues that you and I see as unjust or unfair treatment are justified common practices set forth to, for lack of a better term"cover their [censor]."

AutoZoners naturally enjoy If only AZ didn't play favorites because they absolutely do!!! We appreciate No.. except when it's a promo from a vendor and it has the name of AutoZone on it somewhere. @Derek Tarkan Google Chrome

@indymom101 its all in who you know, and doing!!! Every manager in that store wants their days off and if that's disrupted, changed or otherwise screwed with then its not only you that's pissed. My ideas have literally been laughable to higher ups and that's discouraging to me, still I'm not done fighting that fight.

Answer See 10 answers.

As upset as you may be for not getting the promotion and no matter how undeserving the other person is, you don't have the availability for the job anyway, so its a moot point. Reset generac generator maintenance light 6 .

Everything I was told when hired was basically a lie, for example I was told that I would get a review after 90 days and one at one year. Drivers can wear black shorts it's in the handbook..

Could i wear a white thermal shirt under uniform. If you aren’t sure, ask your manager or another member of management.

When October started, a asked again about my review. Answer See 9 answers. keep AutoZone in the front of the ever changing retail industry. I don't agree with all Autozone policy, but that's what it is going in and they aren't going to make an exception for you or its just favoritism towards you.

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