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Participants Lin's flashback in "Old Wounds" shows her trying to keep her little sister, Suyin, from going down the wrong path. He got lucky thanks to the rest of the family knocking the weapon off target at the last second. Gets worse in "The Battle of Zaofu" as her home town is conquered and her family taken prisoner. Her character arc becomes central in the middle part of Book 3, which introduces the rest of her family and some serious issues with her sister that need to be resolved. She is the leader and co-founder of Zaofu. she and Jinora intervene in Korra's fight with Kuvira, sending Kuvira flying before she could deliver the final blow. They're the richest people in town. General information As nasty as how she put it, Korra really didn't. upbraids Bolin for his support of Kuvira, which ultimately led to her family being imprisoned and then trying to reconcile with her by sending her a note claiming he'd broken his legs in order to try and trick her into going on a picnic with him. BolinLinOpalSuyinTophWei and WingZhu LiMilitary of the Earth EmpireKuvira…, Searching the Social Security Death Index

Next Before starting a fight with Suyin, Lin made some accurate points about her little sister — one being that Suyin never did face punishment for her past crimes. She asked if there were any relationship problems between Kai and Jinora. In Book 2, she has less screentime, being relegated to Mako's B-plot. You can clearly see how frustrated his son got when he was told that. teaming up to fight with her and Lin in Zaofu and Republic City. Toph herself states that she thinks both of her daughters are great. As "The Legend of Korra" series finale approaches, it seems one final mystery regarding the Beifong family tree will be revealed.

She gained airbending through Harmonic Convergence. Daughter of Toph Beifong, and the head of Republic City's Police corps. Probably the whole world," the other student said. After it was discovered that Toph was an earthbender, Lao enrolled her in earthbending classes with Master Yu, though he only allowed her to learn basic forms and breathing techniques. apologizes to her and gives her niece advice on choosing her own path. A mecha suit opened fire at Lin and Suyin, though Lin managed to evade the attack by severing the ropes that suspended the cell, letting it swing back to where the rest of their family was awaiting them. he reacts with horror when he spots Opal on the test range for the spirit vine cannon. The Fong family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1841 and 1920. The earthbending soldiers broke through that barrier, however, though before they could apprehend the foursome, they and the mecha suits were all toppled over when Toph arrived and shifted the earth underneath their feet. 174 AG Yet in her own way she's a. Kuvira manages to seize Zaofu. Acts nicer to Korra and Tenzin in "And The Winner Is...".

Place Suyin used these as a distraction, however, to reach Kuvira standing atop her cannon and engage her in battle. After a fierce exchange of attacks between the Beifongs and Kuvira's army, both parties hid behind earthen walls. "Operation Beifong" (only appearance) Arriving at Zaofu, Toph approached Lin, Opal, and Bolin and alerted them that all the prisoners had been moved out of the metal city and to a nearby prison camp. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The Legend of Korra Book 4 | The Beifong Family Tree | Nick Administrator | February 4, 2015 | Family Tree | 1 Comment The Beifong family has produced 3 generations of smart, strong, and sassy benders! Turns out the biggest threat to her city was a little girl she took in as her apprentice and raised like a daughter named Kuvira. [2] In contrast, his relationship with his actual children and grandchildren was marked by disappointment, as none of them turned out to be capable bureaucrats, merchants, accountants, or politicians like himself. They avidly cheer on their mother when she and Lin have their sibling rivalry throwdown, and also are sparring partners for Korra and Bolin under Suyin's metalbending tutelage. In "Night of A Thousand Stars" when the fight breaks out in the arena between Bolin and the President's would-be kidnappers. It makes a lot of sense, seeing as how she and Suyin have barely talked to each other in years and she's resented her for her rebellious behavior. In a manner of speaking, this was karma for her.

Second tree represents the Fire Nation family: *First generation: Sozin married Reiko (fan theory) / Roku married Ta Min (canon) *Second generation: Sozin and Reiko's son Azulon married Ilah (canon) / Roku and Ta Min's daughter Rina married Jinzuk (canon) *Third generation: Azulon and Ilah's sons Iroh (married Sara, fan theory for marriage but Iroh is canon) and Ozai married Rina and Jinzuk's daughter … ", responding to the Red Lotus attack on Zaofu. Aang The Last Airbender Lin Beifong Avatar Kyoshi Pokemon Regions Prince Zuko Fire Nation Everything Changes Legend Of Korra Laos. Also when sabotaging the Colossus in the finale.

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