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In focus, this is the only weakness of the Logitech G902. You've got a host of buttons to map and an integrated display on the actual wheel.

But neither of those things means you should miss out on features, and that's why it's such a good wheel for beginners. The key difference is in the angle of the accelerator pedal and the depth of travel. © There is also some equally excellent hardware to go with them if you want to get serious. New York,

There's something to suit every budget here, too. The red springs at the back look so good, you'll wonder if it's all just been snaffled off the back of a real racing team's lorry. It's very much a deluxe game controller rather than a replica of a real steering wheel setup.

Like G920, you can get a Playseat for G29 too, that gives you the best driving experience.

However, you can still input throttle and brake controls at different extents.

The heavy-duty metal housing feels really solid – the only shortcoming really is that the pedalboard really does need to be mounted to a racing seat or at least something with a wide base – it can slide or even tip up if you’re too aggressive under braking if it’s just loose on the floor.

The brake pedal is also appreciated about sensitivity, You can lightly dab, brake or stand. However, the position of the buttons is a litter far which is not convenient for your thumbs to reach it. Rotation: 240º | Pedals: 2 | Buttons: 15 | Adjustable pedals: Yes. As we mention in our full Logitech G920 review, this one's got it where it counts. Logitech G920.

The problem apparently lies with the rubber stopper that is intended to give you a realistic feel of resistance, but it seems that some units' rubber is too hard.

This is a very comfortable wheel to actually hold, but isn't interchangeable like other similarly-priced units, so you're stuck with the one in the box. Direct drive wheels require a significant investment, but the realism is worth it, and with Fanatec's ecosystem, you're in safe hands with the Podium.

Personally, I do prefer the CSL Elite pedal set, but this is inarguably the highest-quality pedal set on Xbox One, so if you're serious about racing games, try them both out and see which you prefer. A decent pedal unit needs metal and a clutch pedal, but this is a plasticky, two-pedal affair. Perhaps the only thing you might not like is that this thing is massive! It's still way, way better than using a standard control pad (though Xbox One's haptic triggers are pretty wonderful at doing those same tasks), so controlling the game won't be an issue. There was a problem.
The Logitech G920 is, on balance, the best of the bunch. Receive news and offers from our other brands?

Fanatec Forza Motorsport racing wheel and pedals, The best high-end Xbox One steering wheel, Rotation: 1080° | Pedals: 3 | Buttons: 31 | Adjustable pedals: Yes.

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