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At first, I thought it was a Space Echo, which would have been a pretty cool choice, too. We also got USB loop transfer and the ability to … Press J to jump to the feed. That should be more than enough for most people, especially in live settings, when you know what your setlist will be each night. Where you place a looper in your pedal chain depends on what you want recorded. Find more MXR Clone Looper information and reviews here. The two footswitches control recording and playback, as well as Loop FX, which has a Type selector and a separate On/Off switch. Looper pedals are incredibly versatile machines. What do you do when you're done working on one thing and want to move onto the next, you just have to delete it completely from the pedal? Of course, the Boss won’t do you any good if you can’t figure out how to use the thing. 2. There is some double-tapping for other functions, but the switching between two tracks is pretty seamless, I couldn't say how it measures up as I've never used the Boss. You can also plug that Tap Tempo switch into the CTR jack to change between Normal, Double, 1/2, and Reverse modes, as well as silently clear the loop. Mod/Delay has Phaser, Stutter, Chorus, and Delay, while Simulation offers Bass, Radio, Acoustic, and Pitch. Then, if you want to play around with a previously recorded loop on your X4, just do the revere-copy it from your computer to the X4. The Tap Tempo is also notable because you can change the playback tempo of a previously recorded loop without any pitch variation. Ditto X4’s sync mode lets me run two separate loops simultaneously. Thanks in advance. Like the first version, it can record up to 10 minutes of audio with unlimited overdubs and has a USB plug for importing and exporting loops as needed. This little guy gives you two loops of 90 seconds, which can be effected with effects from three banks, Pedal, Mod/Delay, and Simulation. The Ditto X4 gives you a second playable loop and seven effects, as well as the ability to import pre-recorded loops. Find more Digitech JMSXT JamMan Solo XT Stereo Looper information and reviews here. Returning once more to the standard pedal size looper hosting 99 memory phrases, this Nux unit is a low-cost alternative to consider. Find more Donner Looper information and reviews here. Every guitarist should have one as they are not only powerful tools on stage – a loop pedal can drive a spark of creativity and help with songwriting, too. If you’re an EHX fan, they have a looper for you, as well. Switches include Record, Play/Stop, Undo, and Half Speed. Find more TC Electronic Ditto Looper information and reviews here. There's quite a lot more to it than that, so watch the Knobs intro video (this pedal is a collaboration between Knobs and Chase Bliss) and then the much longer Read the Manual walkthrough. Usually, these will allow you to hold the switch down to either erase the last overdub or the entirety of what's currently playing back. My band opened for local cellist Kristen Miller, who came out onto the stage with a mic, her cello, and a Boss RC-20.

That said, they also tend to be much more powerful devices. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. Part of the joy of looping is experimentation. It even still includes delay, as well as reverb, chorus, echo, and 12 amp models. They add layers of complexity to any song, allowing one person to play many different things at once. It’s a noise machine. You can use the latter to make a loop stop at the end of its cycle, stop immediately, or even via a fade or cool tape reel-esque slowdown, as well as reverse, or half-/double-speed a loop.

Each track has its own volume, as well as a lighted Select button. There’s an expression pedal input that can be set to control various parameters, as well as a MIDI in. If that’s something you’re into, this is the looper for you. Series mode allows for automatic loop switching, Safe switch allows you to preserve one perfect loop, Ability to save and import loops from a computer, Tap tempo allows you to change loop tempo without key change, 99 storage slots for loops for a total of three hours, Pretty large, especially compared to more modern loopers, Some find the footswitches hard to accurately press, Computer storage capability? The JamMan is great, but it’s aging and it’s a pedalboard hog. Controls on the Ditto couldn’t be simpler. In theory, you can have a huge library of loops on your computer that you pull from as you like.

It also records in 24-bit audio with a 32-bit signal processor. This one seems a bit more geared toward performance than storage or practice and creation. Do you utilize the loop often in your songwriting and live, or more of a development tool? There’s an Input, Output, and Extension Switch, as well as toggles for Standby and On and Mic or Guitar line level. I just want something that is super seamless between the two tracks. The 40 included drum patterns are controllable with tap tempo, while the Ctrl In lets you switch between loops on the fly with an external switch. To preorder, you can either go to Chase Bliss directly or, in preparation for paying its very high cost, you can sell some gear and use Reverb bucks to pre-order it there. The Tap allows you to tap in your tempo, which will cause the unit to quantize the playing loop. More sound is always better. Line 6 separated the looper function and bulked it up with a ton of features.

These change the warped nature of the 20-second, single-loop playback, including getting some Leslie cabinet sounds out of the higher speeds and depths. If it can be controlled, the knob or switch exists for it on this unit. Powered by. There’s a Safe switch in case you’ve created a loop so amazing it can’t be easily repeated. : Yes, double speed, half speed, and reverse, Saves all loops to an SD card - expansion potential, Loop time: Varies (uses SD card for storage; online sources say 8GB grants up to 2 hours of recording time), Starting to show its age compared to more modern offerings, Computer storage capability? These are kind of rare, but you might be able to turn up a used one on Reverb with a little digging. 11 Best Guitar Loop Pedals: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. A newer offering from MXR, this looper offers features seen on the rest of the list but combines the compact layout with interesting remote options for added control. There’s a Loop Level knob, of course, as well as buttons for Auto Record, Metronome, and Clear. The original JamMan was designed to compete with the Boss of a similar layout, but had one key advantage in that it had expandable memory. Like anything else in life, even the seemingly obvious ideas can easily be built upon, and looping pedals vary from single-button nano effects to sprawling floor-bound workstations.

: Yes, via USB, Five minutes of loop time with unlimited overdubs, Number of loops: 1 with unlimited overdubs, 12 minute total loop time with 10 stores loops and unlimited overdubs, Number of loops: 10 with unlimited overdubs, Effects? That alone is pretty damn neat, but the really cool thing is that the two loops aren’t tied to each-other’s lengths. The guitar loop pedal allows the guitarist to accompany themselves, build complex arrangements, harmonize in one-guitar bands, develop lush atmosphere like a delay pedal and, perhaps above all, practice. For the money, though, I think the best bet is to go for the Express XT. If you don’t need all of the added effects, processing, or … To really get to know this pedal, you’ll have to spend time with it.

This Pigtronix unit appears, at first glance, to be a familiar two-loop layout pedal. Find more Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper information and reviews here. At its heart, it is a loop pedal like the rest of them on this list, however, the feature set is far more advanced, allowing for the application of effects to a recorded loop as it plays, which can then be removed, if desired. That makes it most similar to the Electro-Harmonix offering on this list, while taking after the Ditto’s familiar operation. I’ve had some issues with noise on this which are rectified by moving it to its own power. The premise is relatively simple, with each of these pedals offering the ability to record and playback a finite loop of audio. Controls are plentiful and include Master Volume, Preset, Loop Volume 1 and 2, Stop Mode, Input Split, Series Loops, Sync Multi, and switches for Stop, Loop 1, and Loop 2. I've got no need for much else because usually if I want to remember something I just record it in Logic. The X2 took the Ditto's simple operation, but made things even easier with the a second footswitch to stop the loop or to apply an effect. I honestly rarely use the dittox4 memory slots. Find more Line 6 JM4 Looper information and reviews here. Of course, you can certainly use it live, but I think this is more at home in the studio when you’re trying to encourage new ideas. Two switch options separate these functions into dedicated footswitches. : Yes (reverse and half speed only), Six minutes of recording with unlimited overdubs, Short recording time considering it's a newer offering, Odd pedal layout may not work for all boards, Effects? There are three Stop Modes: Normal, Play to Measure End, and 10 second Fade Out. The new features are a couple of effects. Getting a larger card increases the number of slots, as well as the recording time. The Express XT is much more compact, yet still offers 24-bit audio with full stereo ins and outs. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They also tend to come in larger enclosures, so you have to have the space for them.

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