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Smartwatches on the wrist are also acceptable for men. If you have the things... Who are the so-called “Plain People”? Five days after graduating highschool, I left my hometown for the United States Navy. Start by looking at a sample paper. Main Clothing style, garment fit, the kind of job and its policies are some the considerations one should look at when choosing an appropriate outfit for a job (Cutts et al. For example Apple Company, they develop high-quality products ranging from smartphones to laptops which provide users better look and feel along with improved security features.

Industry and Higher Education, 29(4), 271-282. An good phrase in the wrong context may serve only to convince the examiner that you really do not know your stuff, do not understand the nuances, and definitely do not merit a high score for vocabulary.

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! February 8, 2015 During puberty, even the least provocative clothing excites the adolescents; more revealing clothes only fuel their imagination further away from education. A modest woman in business premises should wear an excellent outfit, for example, a beautiful blouse with well-fitted pants or a skirt and a cute black shoe. So both parts of the question are addressed. The ADF has a set of standards for uniform, civilian dress and appearance where discipline is judged.

Students who find writing to be a difficult task. The logic on which the question is based is that "the quality of their work" is the overriding criterion, and that the way they dress has no impact on their performance or outcomes. HAKader | One significant distraction is the students’ attire. On the other hand ,in traditional working spaces or mustly the areas where the employees are in direct touch with the customers such as resturants and banks the uniform and dress codes are the main priority to have the best effect of the brand in customer`s mind and keep the space standard and smooth . 2. Really???? One paragraph against it and one paragraph in favour of it. Premium 4  Pages. Some organizations require employees to wear uniforms or shirts with logos, especially when attending business meetings or trade shows on behalf of the organization.

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May 28, 2018 at 16:28. Nowadays in offices employees dress acvording to their comfort because naturally a person can give his best to a cwmertain task only when he is physically at ease. Simon, I have developed two ways of concession and refutation which needs your assessment. Furthermore, certain professionals such as lawyers and army officials are more appreciated in decent formal attire even if it is not a necessity. Back in the early to mid 90’s a hit television sit-com, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air featured Will Smith as the main character. Never have I ever experienced good looks with discomfort. Help. Springer, Cham. They also indicate an individual's occupation. Puneet cheema | They are the best at what they do and will never turn you down. Dress codes violate the first amendment. May 18, 2018 at 18:08. McKay, D. R. (2009). I am a bit confused over the use of "On the one hand" (in Para.2) as some of the teachers remind us that it is necessary to use "On the one hand" and "On the other hand" in the same essay as they come in pair. Uniforms in public school reduce economic and social barriers between students, encourage discipline and affect positive attitude by increasing self-confidence, school pride, and a sense of belonging, and create a safe environment in the schools. Dressing for Success? Is it okay to ignore the second part? -what colour do you prefer?

Type: Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/dress-code-in-business-essay, Type: In conclusion, in a professional setting, having a dress code is very important not only to make employees look smart but also to accomplish business objectives and preserve the public image of the business. Title:

They also indicate an individual's occupation. In conclusion, i agree with the idea of comfortable dressing at business offices however, it is not applicable in all occupations and economical setups. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy.
Posted by: They dress like it is a night club or like they are out on a nice sunny day at the beach. seems like most dress codes are targeting women and transgender students. All that really matters is that you have a sound framework in your head to help you put forward your ideas across in a logical sequence and with a clear progression throughout the essay. « IELTS Listening: 1882 or 1892?

Instyle is a women’s fashion magazine originally launched in the United State by Time Warner Inc. Hi, Simon. -what is appropriate for this dress? I believe that most of us prefer to see these professionals in smart, formal attire, even if it is not strictly necessary. Professionalism in the workplace is a crucial component for running a successful business.

There are also special outfits needed for employees working in places like healthcare departments, fire departments, guards and various locations that can be risky or health-threatening. Not sure if this is what you intended. Dress Code Persuasive Essay | The phrase "for good reason" is quite common in English. -Any type of clothes you want Since it is crucial to understand the rules associated with what is appropriate to wear, students often write essays on dress codes.

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