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Our St. Bernard was out for her last “business” trip before bed and must have encountered this animal, which we think is a fisher. 1 chasing the other, problably out for some snatch. I heard a Fisher cat in my backyard. I often allowed my cats to go out at night until my 1 year old didn’t come back….

It was blood curdling and almost ethereal. They yell to each other, I guess to let each other know where they are. We live in NJ 08343 zip code. Fisher cats are in my area but I had never heard one before.

If you live in an urban area, it's likely you've been awoken by a screaming fox at some point. Where can I buy a fisher. I am sick and tired of stepping/cleaning up their shit.

I can have a garden again. Just take precautions: keep pets indoors at night (cats, dogs, rabbits–whatever goes or stays outdoors); lock up your chicken coop if you have one; NEVER approach a wild animal, even if it seems tame–they’re often rabid when they seem tame and will attack without warning; if you see a wild animal in your yard or in close proximity to you, and it does NOT flee within 10 seconds, turn around and walk away slowly. And that’s all I have to say because i didn’t see the “fisher cat”/ fisher in any video exsept the third one and you could barely see it.

I am currently writing a review article on the fisher, and an extensive search of the scientific literature reveals NO reports of fisher screaming.

You must be fun at campfire stories… I don’t think an animal carries a gun…. heard something early morning that sounded like the zombies were in the woods of Bow NH.

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A fisher has one thing going for him, they are extremely elusive and can blend into the trees or back ground and escape in a hurry!

Terry. I’m almost certain it was the Fisher now. I grabbed my flashlight because I didn’t know for sure what it was.

Baby being beaten describes a porcupine. Timings are between 10pm and 3 am. people move to the country side to hear strange animal noises! First I heard the noise and realized it was going after my cats. I hear barred owls all the time and get a huge kick out of the crazy sounds they make at times. I swear he wanted to be a dog. I respect wild animals and nature and I understand that urban sprawl and industrialization etc destroys their habitat – which I honestly despise – but if this thing comes on to my property and attacks my cat – it will be shot if [if I can get out there in time].

Fisher cat’s SCREAM like little baby’s and I mean scream. Bobcat Tracks.

It sounds like a woman being attacked and a baby screaming, mixed. I had no fear for either my cat or myself and enjoyed the fact that I live where I can experience this kind of thing.

I think that it must be breeding time. Strange and interesting fact, a year later, my friend that was with me that night, her brother mysterious got into a car accident and hit a light post, RIGHT where we were sitting and had heard these screams… but he didn’t die in the accident.. for some reason they found his body on the otherside of town with a bullet in his head.. By the way, there have also been moose, black bear, and rattlesnakes. Wow. i heard this loud cry many times at night and i can tell you it still gives me the creep . I had never heard this before – I thought it was a wounded animal or a small child screaming!

NOT a Fisher Cat: Believe it or not, the fisher chased after the boy and the dog! Around here they have been known to…tackle anything and are considered dangerous. Omg yes it does!!!! yet greater desirable than something, if ayone has peacocks interior the section then i could bypass with that. I lost two guinea hens to those beautiful red menaces. We had one in Freetown when I was a kid (not far from Tiverton). This high-quality game call has an included remote with a 300 yard range, so you can easily view your calls, monitor the battery level, and adjust the volume level. Out of curiousity, we decided to stay up all night out on the sidewalk again and wait for this thing.. it came, only this time it was not saying “help”, it literally sounded like a woman or banshee or something screaming it’s ass off, and it came right for us. i would of shooted that thing and shown yall the carcass, i came yards from a fisher cat a week ago in my town and that was the exact noise that i heard but a lot louder like high pitched like a women screaming. Are we SURE this is a Fisher Cat sound?

but rest assurred its more likely just a red fox! I live on Indian Trail in Cummaquid and around 7:30 in the morning on both the 4th and 5th of this month(March) I saw a rather large fisher run through my yard. The noise is also similar to that of a Bobcat. They ran across my yard.. they sounded BIG when they were in the woods in my back yard, running/walking/jumping in the brush. Creative Commons License, Red fox and house cat tracks. I am familiar with owl calls and foxes, but don’t believe I have ever heard a Fisher. I was fishing in New York and heard a bobcat make that awful yelling screaming noise which sounds like a women in distress. some cats can sound like screaming people.

About 50 yards from the creek it had screamed a few more times. I understand how everyone who hears something in the night wants to put a name to it. they hunt more cuz of protein reserves. I put on porch light and went out to investigate and saw an animal crossing from one house to the next, I did not recognize what the animal was, I called a neighbor next day, she told me it was a Fisher cat. Fisher don’t make a noise you can hear at any distance. The only reason I noticed it was a twig snapped and I looked behind me. The shrillness lends a certain high pitch to the sound and makes it sound like a woman or a child. i was just woken up by mewlings/cries at 3:50 a.m. i thought it was my cat in pain. Those are the ones that keep me awake some nights. I looked out my back window onto a wooded area and saw a black fisher cat. Okay, so fishers mostly come out at night, but I have seen them in the daytime. I’m hoping that the fisher has eaten them. I want to go outside and make crazy human noises back at these animals and show them whats up ahahah. After the cat was in the tree this thing lurked around and around the tree screaming….

A bobcat scream King Lion destroy Hyena save Lion Go Lion Poor try call for help from teammate - Duration: 11:20.

Here in northern quebec winters are long and cold. 1997, Lynx rufus. They will kill a cat when they are cornered.

For the past week we have heard the fisher cat yowling up and down Sullivan rd in West Yarmouth .

It was frightening to listen to, and even scarier to realize that they are venturing into populated areas. Good luck with that. This sound is definitely not a hawk or Screech-owl, but does resemble either a Bobcat or Fox. foxes as almost the same sound as a fisher cat they use it to call one another.

The one I heard was making this same sound along with a higher pitched screaming sound (like a woman being attacked). I have been told about them. He reported that it was a raccoon. This is from Carver MA. we have those in our woods found 10 dead deer in the past week! So it had to be a fisher sounding almost like a cat but not quite. They sound to my Celtic mind like the sound of the Banshee. I had to look it up to make sure what it was. or have they been set FREE? They are in the weasel family and the proper name is “fisher”… for some reason, some people call them “fisher cats”.

Just saw 2 fishers in the woods today in Rutland MA middle of the day! I don’t have pets, but we get a lot of wildlife here: deer, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, possums, turkeys, hawks, owls, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and other wild birds and rodents. (We live just outside of Ottawa).

How ’bout you, ‘I’m a Woodsman’? That’s obviously a Bobcat. While the animals do not prey in the day time they can still be spotted moving about. I can understand why.

At the time I had no idea what a fisher cat even was, let alone how they had recently started repopulating in my area. I believe a red fox, I’ve heard fisher cats scream and they are drawn out. They have different calls.

I thought something was dying…my neighbour came out at the same time and called her cat in the house…at the same time I saw the fox running was the fox screeching at the cat. I had one in my yard last night. I looked it up on the Internet and it was a Fisher. The screams are blood-curdling and freaked me out when we moved in 12 years ago.

I hear many sounds and screams during the night, the fox scream is haunting, and the bobcat as best I can describe it, during mateing season, is a woman in labor with her finger nails being pulled out at the same time.

Thanks for helping. We see these fauna regularly throughout the entire 12 month of any given year, and have lived here for some 15 years.

He/she ran off into the woods. This was about 11 AM on a cloudy day, within 1/8 mile of houses. My wife does not believe me because they were 50 yards from a fox den (last four years); but she was in bed and I was out in the field. Something killed my neighbor’s kitty and I suspect this is what it was.

Coon Dog: that is a fisher behind your house.

I didn’t know what they were at the time(I described it to friends as a cat either dying or destroying something), but after speaking to my brother and doing some research, it was definitely a fisher cat. My brother works in the woods and hunts has never heard a thing like it either.

I looked and our wandered a Fisher. “Skeptical” is correct, in that many other animals scream. there was about a 4 to 10 second gap between each scream. Fisher Cat sounds are usually constant and you can hear them at a regular interval like in this video. Another Wisconsin DNR move to control the deer population. I am so happy to see the skeptical comments in some of the above posts. In N.Calif. I believe we just had one on our front yard, we’re off Old Kings Rd near willowbend. I wondered if it was a fox, since I have been seeing them sculking around my property.

We will call the DEC to come and collect them and put them back in the mountains where they belong. So we (me & my girls/pups) listened and then it began a really strange clicking type of sound and then a sound that was almost like a whirring or whooing sound. The reason I write is one night this summer, some frightening animal screams woke me up, not unlike that fisher cat – of which there aren’t any in Europe. Just remember, they grow up and turn into ALF, the cat killing martian pet from Mork and Mindy!

When I first heard the scream I had been sitting near the creek bank since before it had become dark out. Most wouldn’t believe me , but I trained my cat while she was young to not leave my yard , actually to not leave a section of my yard and now that she’s grown much older [8 yrs] she has no desire to snoop around [she was also fixed as a kitten] and stays in the area in my backyard between the house and the garage. The pictures at the top confirm it was a fisher cat.

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