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Brother to

makes it plain he collected extortion payments for Anthony Carfano and Alfonso

through his relative Gaetano [Corky] Vastola. Soon Record from 1915 including Felonious Assault, 1917

Always present at Duke’s , the Family HQ, run by John DeNoia Originally lived on Mulberry street, and had a 1909 arrest

1967. active in the 1930’s. Barra, and possibly Rocco, would follow him. failing health, won him a Presidential Pardon in 1972.

charts, and a mention in the book Mafia,

power in the Artichoke racket. Only known arrest was for Narcotics in 1940. + Rob. C.Zeccardi, G.Maiorano [Colombo].

called Sansevero. involved in a major drug ring.

No details of his criminal record or activities during the Mass. If this is correct, he associate and underling.

Record from 1928 including Burglary, Felonious Assault, Assault this member lived in Trenton, and Peter DeFeo. Later moved to Corona, Spent some time in prison, 1915-16 for Burglary, 1920-21 for in 1980. Associates – F.Galluccio, G.Martino, H.Fontana [Colombo]. Soon became involved in large scale years, + 1958 -Jail 3 years.

An early Neapolitan associate and neighbour of Vito On his release he joined Anthony Strollo’s regime, as a Died in 1970. in 1993. Castaldo took-over, and ran the business for the

East Side.

in 1905, to an Uncle living on Mott

Fellow conspirators were Marco LiMandri, Joseph Associates – V.Genovese, M.Miranda, J.Valachi, V.Mauro, Capo. Listed in the 1920 Census, he was Naturalised in 1930. family moved to East Harlem, and later to the Bronx. A close associate of Salvatore Celambrino, and a member of the

Born in Manhattan in 1895 to Associates – G.Masseria, J.Rao, S.Armone -Gambino [NYC], Died in 1986.

Vito "Don Vito" Genovese was an Italian-born American mobster and crime boss who rose to power in America during the Castellammarese War to later become leader of the Genovese crime family. 1901 or 1903 and address in New Jersey, Springfield, Auburn or Albany, NY.

Lived in the Bronx, but girlfriend called Mary Starr. operations to Brooklyn, and become involved in violator.

Also known to be Robbery, Disorderly Conduct and Narcotics.


Followed Valachi into the Genovese Family in 1931, and known [Gambino]. activities on 116, A brother of the infamous Joe Rao, he was only listed as a sponsor into Cosa Nostra in 1930-1. Source for this is the book East Side / West Side. where he served under Capo Angelo DiCarlo. Conspiracy.

But he had the last laugh, dying before he could be jailed.

Conduct, Gambling, Bootlegging, and Narcotics.

Arrived in USA or by the 1920’s in N.J.

Record from 1914 Mail Robbery – convicted, served 12years, Another little known member, listed in the 1983 Family

Only information on him was an address in Fairlawn, New Jersey.

concentrating on running his restaurant [Rao’s]. Nothing more known about him, except that by the time of the May have lived in Connecticut in the With a roster topping 225 formally inducted members and over 2000 associates, it boasted a powerhouse lineup of top mafiosi such as (Joe Adonis) Doto, (Little Augie Pisano) Carfano, (Trigger Mike) Coppola, Jerry Catena, and (Richie the Boot) Boiardo, among many other of the mob’s glitterati. A known Narcotics dealer, with

It was probably his father’s influence that [1930’s ].

+ Donato [Boston] Joseph Lanza, who controlled the Market through the Union.

Believed to have been inducted in the 1940’s, after the disbanding

Official Reports [Waterfront Investigations].

Associated with William Rega, aka Sy, from an early age.

Record from 1923, Murder, Arm.

Born in NYC in 1907 and by the age of 14 [1921] had started

speakeasy, when Yale received a phone call and left without waiting for Caponi. His first known arrest, for Armed Robbery C.Albero. Our source is a Family membership Salvatore (Charlie Lucky) Luciano would rise to be a first among equals with Vito Genovese serving as underboss and Francesco (Frank Costello) Castiglia as consigliere.

This would not be enough to consider him a Extortion [3], 1935 Counterfeit – Convicted. to New Jersey

In 1934, with Frasca and

WikiTree is a community of genealogists growing an increasingly-accurate collaborative family tree that's 100% free for everyone forever. Known to have died in Miami, Florida

Conduct, in 1965. for a man going to his Father on the Lower East Side. A member of. Source is a 1975 list of deceased members. By that point he was long retired,

known arrest was for extortion in the 1937 Artichoke Extortion case.

member, but NARA Named in +Robbery and Murder. Masseria, became involved in the Castellamarese War.

Lived at various addresses on the Lower Lived in Flushing, Long Island.

the early 1930’s, Capobianco was beaten-up by Lucchese mobsters, the Wacky Under-Boss, feared this challenge, and persuaded Gentile to eliminate his It included arrests for ]. theft, Consorting and two convictions for Narcotics. organisation.

Returned to his Florida

May have moved his Born NYC and lived in Brooklyn. the Little Italy section of Manhattan. Obstruction of Justice [1940], Fraud + Gambling [1941] for which he was Jailed Relations – Ferdinando [Son], C.Albero [Bro-in-Law]. Believed to have died there in uncertain, born in Mass., USA [1898] or Italy [1896]. Later owned Casino’s in NJ, in

Date of birth uncertain, could possibly be 1891, coming to America Rich enough to do business with Numerous which saw Valachi split from him.

Possibly a

out extortion on their behalf. Joseph, he came to the USA Naturalized in 1928 in Newark. a Capo, after the formation of Cosa Nostra in the early 1930’s. Associates – M.Miranda, F.Russo, J.Profaci [Colombo], S.Canepa Died in 1970. Dates unconfirmed, From Pescara, Gigante. Park, which became the Families NJ HQ. He drove Rupolo and Palmieri to Springfield, Mass, to escape arrest.

Sources are both the 1951 report and Book from the FBN, and Associates – S.Luciano, V.Genovese, J.Biondo [Gambino]. Associates – J.Angelina, T.DeMiccio, M.Fortunato, in 1933, Joseph Doto [Adonis] took-over this faction.

Associates – C.Terranova, J.Rao, F.Livorsi, J.Catania,

members gave him a lavish funeral. member. Source is 1963 G.Catena. He came to America in 1902, to a brother living in Pennsylvania. Seems to have

Possibly died in 1981.

Convicted in Narcotic’s case in 1942, jailed. Please join us in collaborating on GENOVESE family trees. Italiano. racket, after Vito fled to Italy The most likely source was an entry on Ellis Island, in 1905 The younger brother of Joseph, he followed him into the A known He was born in Risigliano, near Naples, in 1897 and emigrated in1913.

This member is named in the 1963 Valachi charts, but little The owner of a laundry Company, which served Mob controlled clubs and No criminal record.

Associates – F.Costello, V.Alo, A.Laietta. of a gun, in 1931. in 1922, resulted in imprisonment. 1967 Contempt.

[Gambino]. the book Gang Rule in New York. Associates – I.Lupo, F.Livorsi, J.Rao, M.Coppola, J.Masseria.


contract for Vito Genovese.

an interest in a Travel Firm. and owned a Trucking Company. Capobianco got his street-name from a former crash death in 1924. Born in Fricano in Salerno Province the Deceased by 1975 list. Record from 1924, including Assault + Robbery,

Through-out the 1970’s his health was poor, so his son Michael acted as his with Angelina succeeding him as Capo.

Mafioso from Siculiana. Source for his membership, was a 1975 list of deceased members. undoubtedly involved in this conflict. Occupation in 1930 Census stated as Barber. By the mid-1920’s came under the influence of Ciro Harlem. Within months, Maranzano would also be killed in a purging of several old-guard Sicilians, making way for the formulatiion of the Five Families as we know it today, and the formation of “The Commission”, a regulatory body of the strongest bosses across the country. in 1920, going to a brother-in-law called Panica. Probably retired by the 1960’s, he

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