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They thrive the best in competitive situations. If you have a Golden Child they probably sense that they have a significant impact on the family culture. The Golden Child is often lifted up publicly as examples to follow. To say the least, parents have in mind the best interest of their children. For more of her parenting content, visit her author profile on The Mind's Journal. We are used to thinking of many of the psychological problems of adulthood as stemming from a lack of adequate love in our early years. So this golden child grows up very competitive in nature. Because the child is getting praise after praise for something that he/she doesn’t possess, they couldn’t sense it within themselves. Being hypersensitive to criticism, they do not like getting slagged for whatever they say or do. There is an underlying longing to be accepted as they are, with their imperfections and frailties, rather than being praised for the glossed person which they are not. The Golden Child does a pretty good job at arranging their life to get what they want. The Golden Child can do …

One can find most children being rebellious on being dictated and controlled. They are merely, with tragic fervour, misdirecting energies that have failed to find a better destination, the child covertly being asked to redeem a career that did not go as expected, a depressed mood that did not lift or a marriage that proved unusually intolerable. Golden child syndrome leaves an individual feeling like anything but an individual, because psychologically and developmentally, the golden child has never been given the opportunity to individuate. These kids need to experience failure, and taste the real and unexpected parts of life. Life can change in an instant and is not always fair. They would rather teach his/her friends a few intellectual topics than needing help in their homework. The Golden Child, as the name suggests, is the best and most wonderful child – at least in the eyes of the Narcissistic Mother. While perhaps still no taller than a chair, the offspring is firmly described as a figure whose name will reverberate down the centuries. The Golden Child The baby is uncommonly beautiful, intelligent, talented, and they assume that the child has a unique destiny.

In a healthy family structure, the parents are self-assured and provide their children with a warm and productive environment to ensure their overall development.

The Center for Life Change is here to help you find what you have lost. It is a selfish way of raising children when parents try to manipulate the child to do what they could not do. A wandering soul in search for meaning. The Golden Child is an elusive challenge personality because they do everything right just the way they are "supposed" to do. A golden child cannot shake off the feeling that he/she is special but is unable to find within oneself the grounds on why it should be so. They do not depend on criticism, body shaming, guilt-tripping, and other dark manipulative techniques to create broken, insecure, self-effacing, and anxious children. This teenager is so close to what we think is the perfect child. It tends to pay its visits late at night, it waits until we’re very tired…. How the behavior is typically reinforced: It is easy to see how we get lulled into reinforcing this kind of behavior. The answer is simple, and saddening. Such parents know how to balance the need to exercise control over their children and procure autonomy. The golden child cannot shake off the sense that they are special, but also unable to find any reason why they are. The golden child syndrome suggests that true love should involve unconditional acceptance. They are driven to discover what you want from them so they can eagerly offer it to you. Shreyasi Debnath is a writer who focuses on parenting, family, and relationships. Life can change in an instant and is not always fair. These kids are just plain good - they like to play by the rules within whatever adult structure they can find. Often these kids have found ways to use their parents' weaknesses to make their lives work. Being praised for capacity that we didn’t have, so we couldn’t even identify it. The admirable offspring of the most blessed parents to have brought such an exceptional human being into this world to so humbly grace others with their presence. Required fields are marked *. In a healthy family structure, the parents are self-assured and provide their children with a warm and productive environment to ensure their overall development. They even end up sacrificing their choices to take up the choices of their parents. They prefer engaging themselves in truly inspiring and fruitful hobbies, which provides them the chance to improve themselves. A family where either or both of the parents are narcissists, means that the child becomes a mere source of narcissistic supply to keep the fake self surviving.
As a parent, the least you can do is never forget to allow your child to exercise the autonomy they deserve. Some people raised in this role will shine on through to their last sparkling breath. We’re here to work with you. Such parents know how to balance the need to exercise control over their children and procure autonomy. This takes me to the second characteristic which is... RELATED: 8 Scary, Long-Lasting Effects Of Having Narcissistic Parents. No doubt, they are the celebrated star of the class. No wrong can possibly come from this precious gift of a child, fulfilling the hearts and deepest desires of their parents. This article was originally published at The Mind's Journal. 43397 Business Park Drive, Suite D8 They frustrate themselves when they fail to live up to their own unrealistic expectations. It should ideally not matter to the parent where a child ends up – or rather, it should matter only in so far as, and no further than, it matters to the child. Now that you know how a golden child in a narcissistic family comes into being, let’s look at some of the traits of a golden child. Here are 7 characteristics of a golden child in a narcissistic family. Never failing to secure a place in the good books of the teacher because they shine. How to help: But can you imagine placing a huge expectation on someone who still struggles to put on his own clothes? Reprinted with permission from the author.

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