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of Illyria or its people, language, or culture n. 1. a person born or living in Illyria 2. the extinct language or languages of the Illyrians, generally regarded as a distinct branch of the Indo European family …   English World dictionary, Illyrian movement — Danica Ilirska, Ljudevit Gaj s newspaper. Copy the code below and paste it where you want the visualization of this word to be shown on your page: Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. While the Illyrians are a well-documented people of antiquity, not a single verifiable inscription has survived written in the Illyrian language] examples of ancient Illyrian literature surviving (aside from the Messapian writings if they can be considered Illyrian), it is difficult to clarify its place within the Indo-European language family.
...dominant Illyrian deity and some were evidently worshipped only in particular regions. ...the short cloak streaming out behind. Thus it seems generally agreed that the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta of the third century Bc derives from teutana, which means `queen'.

..."], *Argurianus(Thracian or Celtic)*Auluporis*Auluzon*Bithus*Bessus*Teres*Celsus*Celsinus*Cocaius*Daizo*Delus*Dida*Dinentilla*Dizas*Dizo, The following names derive from Greek. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 84,"... Apart from some names of Thracian origin, Bessus and Teres, and some Celtic names, Arvus, Belzeius, Cambrius, laritus, Lautus, Madussa and Argurianus (either Thracian or Celtic), the only name of south Illyrian origin is Plares. ); "σιβυνη" (Gk. ), "sybina" (Lat. Phrygian "bekos" "bread", Eng "bake", Lat "focus" "hearth", Irish "goba" "blacksmith", Gk "phōgein" "to roast", Armenian "bosor" "red", "bots" "flame". cf. Skt "nadas" "roarer"*"Oseriates", "lakes"; akin to Old Church Slavonic "ozero" (Serb-Croat "jezero"), Latvian "ezers", OPruss "assaran", Gk "Akérōn" "river in the underworld"*"Pelso" (Latin authors referred to modern Lake Balaton as "lacus Pelso", "Pelso" being a hydronym from the local inhabitants), "Pelso" apparently meant "deep": IE *pels; cf. Other local deities were Latta, Sentona and the nymph Ica, praying in relief sculpture), Knez 1974 (ritual vessel), Baçe 1984 (temple architecture in Illyrian Albania).] Eng "balk", Middle Irish "blog" "piece, fragment", Latin "fulcrum" "bedpost", Gk "phálanx" "trunk, log", Lith "balžiena" "crossbar", Serb "blazína" "roof beam", Skt "bhuríjāu" "cart arms"*"Derbanoí", An"derva": IE *derv; cf. *Enchelei, tribal exonym ("Εγχελείς", Eel-men). The Illyrian languages are part of the Indo-European language family. A grouping of Illyrian with the Venetic language and Liburnian language, once spoken in northeastern Italy and Liburnia respectively, is also proposed. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075,page 79,"... Four names are accepted as definitely Celtic: Nantia, Nonntio, Poia and Sicu. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075, Page 217:"...Ceraunii whose name deriving from the Greek for `thunderbolt' links them with high mountains, ] [Wilkes, J. J. Long before she was ever an esteemed member of the Night Court's Inner Circle, she was a young daughter of an Illyrian commander. The code for attribution links is required. London: Cambridge University Press, 1982, pp. ..."] [Wilkes, J. J. as of four kinds: inscriptions, glosses of Illyrian words in Classical texts, names— including proper names (mostly inscribed on tombstones), toponyms and river names— and Illyrian loanwords in other languages. Yet it was not Greek, Celtic, Thracian, or Paionian, but Latin that would come to displace Illyrian above the Jireček line.

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