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dweller: Jan 2020 #11: I understand and agree. I can't imagine his brief appearances on CNN pay the bills. themselves. Market Alerts Former top campaign adviser to former President Bill Clinton and one of the country’s most respected political analysts, James Carville, interviewed on MSNBC.

  |-- Topic Forums When they get involved in a big Brawl like what happened to Clinton then Stolen Election/Bush Bot's Implode/More Criminal Activities...they start to implode. One of the key points he made is that the Democratic Party is running the risk of becoming the equivalent of the Labour Party in the UK, which is currently built around the cult of personality of liberal purist Jeremy Corbyn, and distinctly unable to win elections due to the lack of broad support. She is so opposite. Is James Carville undergoing chemotherapy?

I don't know how James does it. I have to agree with you. He used to work for CNN but has since changed his affiliation to Fox News. With #ElectionDay 10 days away and over 41 million ballots already cast, will this be a groundbreaking year for Democrats? That’s the job of everybody who wants to see a new president.”, Pete Buttigieg RIPS Trump’s threats to steal the election. Mary Matalin doesn't appear to respect her husband very much. “We have COVID cases on the rise. She'd take him to the cleaners and make his life even more miserable. I think Joe Biden will convincingly win Independents and nonaffiliated voters. The more you try to keep them from voting, the more they are going to want to vote. You have a smaller pool of people that haven’t voted yet that you need to work tonight and tomorrow.

here to send us a message. In fact it’s difficult to recall the last time a guest commentator on MSNBC was this clear about how much he didn’t want to be there. We see in early voting strong numbers among young voters, first-time voters.   |-- Archives Dedicated to delivering institutional quality market analysis, investor education courses, news, and winning buy/sell recommendations - 100% FREE! page. I think it’s going to backfire. Back to top Alert abuse Link here Permalink. In fact, Carville has been called a walking media conglomerate. Carville’s political affiliation is with the Democratic party and his wife is a former Republican turned Libertarian. board, visitors agree to abide by the rules outlined on our Rules Related Biography: Ann Coulter Chester James Carville, Jr. was born on October 25, 1944 in Carville, Los Angeles. James Carville wants you to know that he isn’t happy. I'll bet Carville is a really henpecked spouse.

I'd watch them on Russert each year and shake my head in what the two ever saw in the other. Little packets poured into the tea? As long as I have been aware of her, she has been exceptionally mean and willing to do anything to support her party. Truly strange bedfellows...and speaking from nearly 25 years of my own marriage, it can't be getting much easier as they age and the "blooms fall off the roses".   |-- General Discussion

He looks like a lunatic loser. You’re in eastern North Carolina, a state that you’ve got to win and you’re talking about some pollster at Fox News? James Carville is known as a political consultant and media personality. He looked like he had a cold.

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