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I found myself crying about this story but would still love to see the remaining series in English sub titles. All the actors did an absolutely fantastic job,many of whom I grew to despise. How about Upstairs and Downstairs stuff, like on the BBC. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Love Me As I Am anytime, anywhere. Yet, the show was so magnetic neither my wife or I could get away from it; only to be terribly disappointed to see the good guy die, for what? The political control of the erdogan government from 2010 to 2017 is obvious by the lack of physical contact. Season three ended abruptly and I have read that there is a season four but I cannot find it on YouTube. This movie kept me on edge. At the end, she confessed to the police that she caused the death of Yusuf. Love the show but can’t find anywhere I can watch series 2 and 3 in English subtitles. Mentes’ stabbing shakes everyone. In love me as i am (beni boyle sev) tv series story, you will explore a pure love story of Omer and Aysem who comes from confronting families. What was up with her leaving her husband in the end? Omer is tired of Aysem’s moods, but he has no intention to change his tune this time. What caring mother does that to their child? Don’t tell me there is another series-four-and no English subtitles for it-it’s not on Netflix either. I watched some on u tube but could not decipher everything. Khaled Ouaaz. JoAnn: Started this series in the US. Yusef’s mother was cruel to Havva. Omer is the nephew of Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy).

Can someone share some insight on this? well Turkish people and men are not afraid to show their emotions. Horrible person. You should have left Haluk out of the show. I cannot believe Yusuf died. All are curious about who did it. Erman Okay as Yilmaz, External Links How any mother could surgically emasculate her son to maintain control of her sons life is unimaginable to me. bad series, with worse ending!!! I was crying like a baby when Nezih died. Driven to the climax of disappointment, Tommy confesses and realizes that he should have accepted Cara for who she was. Started this series in the US. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to visit cappadoicia some day. Yer Gok ASK!!! Havvas aunt is the with of the story who manipulates everything to her goodness because all she wants is to be the lady of the Mansion. Loved it .loved the story. Will there be season 4?? I will switch from Netflix as well. The change in the 3rd season was because of the channel’s unsatisfaction with the ratings of the 2nd season of the series. I am in complete agreement w/ Hamiyet regarding her comment about marriage between Bade and Yusuf–there is more to a marriage of a lifetime than just “blinding love”–there has to be respect, trust, and shared values and interest; given those as fertile ground, love will grow and deepen. I was so upset that I skimmed through it, and decided to abandon the series.

I watched the Kosem part of it on YouTube although English subtitles ran out towards the end. Reyhan’s behavior becomes even stranger. You would see a stunningly handsome Aidan Turner, who is Irish and bears an amazing resemblance to Sukru Ozyildz!!! Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit I watched the series up to the death of Yusef. The title song IS lovely and quite different to the usual Turkish music. Omer, Haluk, Mazhar, and Deniz’s company gains fame thanks to the school Mazhar built. but concern for all the lies…….. Aysem becomes a partner in Nadide’s lie.

All suspicions fall on Omer. Poisoning the fields? I have been trying every avenue to get it where I can follow… I love the Family ties…. THe only real positive relationship Havva had was with her sister and her aunt destroyed that. As the company sinks, Burak does all he can to hide the situation from Reha. Plus she really is naive as you say, she has been brought up as a much adored single child in a small village by an adoring father so she has led a sheltered life and also been spoiled, not materially but emotionally as she is used to getting her own way in everything! Evil snake, untrustworthy. Aysem tosses and turns in bed after fighting with Omer, who finally decides to make peace with her. I have now watched 8 Turkish dramas & 5 of them left the ending inconclusive because there were additional episodes not made available.

Burning with the longing and love they feel for each other, Aysem and Omer get together and go to their house to talk. 89 Episodes, Umut Kurt Let’s have season 2 and 3, well I think we had season 2 and 3 with 110 episodes. I had hoped they would get together as a couple at the end of Series 3. I stopped watching them, they should finish their every series so people will not be disappointed. The ending was awful. Long story short-series three is five years later.. Nb. Havva and Sevda become a close friend in the prison.

Isil Yucesoy as Hamiyet And for some reazon Havva is arrested for his death already pregnant and sentenced to life in prision where she had the baby and later died of hemorrage. It was sevda’s baby,she wants him to be hancioglu. Oh my god I cannot stop thinking of Yusuf He is absolutely breath taking. I’m not sure how to get Netflix to give us more seasons of Love is in the Air , but after watching it mettling with two people in love brings sorrow and tragedy.

Tuvana Turkay as Bade when everyone going to find out she is a psycho and set everyone on fire? I thought Rehan and Mazhar’s romance was beautiful, but frustrating when Mazhar seemed to take an age to tell his dipsy redheaded fiance to get lost. I want my Yusuf back. Wish I could travel to turkey.trying to learn the language ( very difficult).

After watching these wonderful Turkish series, I want to go there and see the beautiful sights, meet the people and eat the food!! Yet overall she is basically still the same self as is shown at the University when she describes it to someone going for a job there as “pretend to be very serious, they like that”! Furkan goes to request Seda’s hand, but his joke goes down badly. Read farther down and don’t bother breaking your heart ANYMORE!!!

Reyhan overcomes her fears about love. Inci learns a startling truth about her newly-found secret love, Kerem. It really screwed up the story for me until I realized what was happening and went back and re-watched.

I’ve watched the seires till episode 111 on Netflix, and was desperately trying to find where I can watch the rest of this series with English subtitles. 89 Episodes, Ozan Osmanpasaoglu I, too, hate the fact that no one communicates! Really bad Netflix didn’t renew this. How about, Youssef didnt die but faket his death. I have been reading through the comments, and I agree with many of you that Turkish dramas are compelling, however, from midway to the end, the makers seem to lose the plot. & We get our answer as to what on earth happened at the end of series two 1:25:43 into episode one of series three!

Even though havva and youssef died,the story of sevda and omer is also nice. If he REALLY loved her so much, why didn’t he get her some mental help and save her from herself ??? Although Havva is innocent, she cannot prove that. Meanwhile, Aysem tries to find out why Omer spoke with her aunt. Tension mounts when Nadide sees Aysem at work. Netflix Australia!!! To test Sevinc's feelings, Reyhan asks her to set her up with Sabri. I think Toprak should have married him in the end. Altan Gordum as Reha Omer is a second year student at the architecture school. In love is in the air tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf, Havva and Toprak while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia.

Inci goes after Kerem again. It was explained at some point that they retired to Brazil as it was cheaper to live there and they didn’t want to be seen by any of their rich friends in Turkey in their new circumstances.. What happened at the end of series two is explained in detail in episode One, you have to listen out for it, around 1:24 minutes in a character asks another: so what happened? No, these weren’t just “mistakes,” and no, she wasn’t just being manipulated by her aunt and father. A bit too tragic. Mehmet let that family do him wrong for too long. It looks like our cry for more of their series with English subtitles have been heard. I want to know the artist and the name of the song!!! Hard to follow. I think the male antagonist needs to be stronger and the female counterpart less conniving. I was pleased when Reha and Nadide (Omer’s parents), Ayshem’s aunt and uncle and Seda and Turkan didn’t reappear in Season 3. if anyone knows of a decent provider who will provide the ENTIRE SERIES and not just part of it, please let me know. Your new favorite show is right here.

I loved Fahriye and Reyhaan from beginning to end. Why did nobody ever blame HER for all her overbearing manipulation of her son and daughters’ lives???? FYI: if you speak Spanish, you can find Karadeyi and 1001 Nights in Spanish on YouTube. Don’t watch any American movies . 89 Episodes, Mert Turak Why did the writers fail to address the flaws in Bade’s character–her instability, insecurity and mentally illness. She wad obsessed with him, following him like a bad leach. I stop here.!! Details

I love these Turkish series though. Love Turkish movies & series, beautiful scenery, interesting culture. Please please! Genre: Romance, Drama There is a surprise in store from Reha. we are debating about the baby in season 2. is it havvas baby or her cellmates? the series yer gok ask it’s really to be continued season 4 or not? Add the first question. The young couple want to talk to Nail to find a solution. Alper Saldiran as Omer 2020 COPYRIGHT © 2020 THE VORE. i really appreciate if someone respond to my comment … I am pregnant and started watching this series i am so hooked but now that yusuf died in fire all i want to see is Bade to suffer. Omer is suspicious of Zeyno, whom Aysem is set on protecting, and is trying to conceal his problems. I was there before it was dangerous for US travelers. I’m very disappointed that it ended leaving us hanging. I enjoyed listening to it.

Gave me a small insight, to the cultural practices, e.g. Omers mom nice lady but also a bit of a snob. Perhaps these films will help to shine a light on many Turkish people who are just like us. i will not watch another Turkish show as they all end sadly. He graduated from college but he ran around blubbering like the village idiot???? Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? There are no movies that can catch my interest after watching these two turkish movies. You can get Episode 111 to 122 on YTube. I would take him home anyday. Even when she was 25 years old and a college professor, she was still acting like a twelve year old child. Seval discovers who killed Cevdet's brother. We want Season 2 & 3 of Love Is InThe Air. Season 3 was made in 2015.

Lord have mercy!!! This is not a fantasy. Tried everywhere to get English subtitles but useless. The writers gave Hamyet too much power. We need season 2 and season 3 of love is in the air English subtitles or arabic subtitles and how soon will that be. Havva and yussef won’t die, they will meet again and yussef will regret why he did leave her. Omer learns Aysem is pregnant and finds himself at a loss. But, I was annoyed by Aysem at times. Why killing everyone?! I wanted to feel sorry for her but could not manage it much to my “chagrin” she had no qualms in hurting other to get what she wants, I don’t like that, life is give and take and good interaction with others. I have just binge watched all three seasons on Netflix and enjoyed it very much even though I am an English speaking South African. She herself refers, in the beginning, to “my obsessions” which she admits she does get. Omer’s dad Reha and Ayshem’s aunt Safiye I think. Broadcast Period: February 11, 2013 – February 27, 2015 New characters are introduced, and others disappeared? Love me as I am… My first time watching Turkish movie and I enjoyed it. I would have loved to rewrite this script. Can’t wait for Season two. Personally loved « Winter in the Sun » but not so much this series. please make this tv series accessabile for English translation……. When Reha sees his sister Eda with arch-enemy Nail, he loses his head.

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