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If you read Genesis 15, you will find that God is talking to Abraham (or “Abram” as he was then called).

the terror has to stop for us all. If we all don’t know what atrocities we be been responsible for, how can we possibly heal those wounds. Also s o what if it was 100 years ago my grandparents lived there people are still affectwd today by these past horrors. [2], When they learned that the Cannady family was on the move, the crowd quickly caught up, but when Neal was still not shown, the group grew increasingly restive. ….yes get over it!

Get over it, spilt milk, it was a fair fight and the south got its ass kicked. And BlackAmericans have been murdered with impunity since then.

I have seen plenty of racism, both ways. She got her start in public radio at WAER-FM in Syracuse, New York, where she was a part-time reporter, assistant producer and host. Be husbands and wives to each other. Its racist to blame this on “whites” when reality it was racists who did this, not a race of people who did it. So tragic that most don’t know.

Of the cases Hill studied, about one third of the crimes were alleged rapes, of which approximately eighty percent of the victims were children. If you visit a farming community when in a drought, hay prices go through the roof and just to rake their neighbor over the coals at auction a farmer will get bid up over $12 dollars a bale. Eee laine. But a lynch mob of about 100 white men from Jackson County heard where he was, and brought him back to Jackson County. I am a human being first. I’m sure you know the old adage. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke), Houston riots of 1917 – Never forget, that if all mankind were to be stripped of skin and hair we would all walk around looking the same.

We learn from it so it doesn’t happen again , not so we can start it all over again, people need to look at people for what they have done not by what color they are. I was born in Elaine in 1963 and I can remember some people in the late 60s were still afraid of the white farm owner and the local sheriff. Yes its good to remember where we’ve been, but only if it helps us to not go down that road again. His letters to Florida governors were even more strident. The way America has treated Obama is evidence that racism is still alive today. How incredibly honest and brave of you to say what is on your heart in such a compassionate way. If I had time to tell her story in detail, you might consider many of the things she had to do as cowardly. I don’t know why at a young age I was interested in my Granny’s life when she was growing up, but I asked her a lot of questions to picture her when she was my age. So why do you call yourself black and only a noun can name a person place or thing.

Neal's lynching was covered by the national press and provoked strong opposition across the nation.

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