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Here is your text for reading: Sakar, Montreal hip-hop slang The reading summaries are due on Friday, 2/22/2013 (although you are OFF!!!).

The term we use when speaking about our beloved snack-bars, casse-croûtes are found all over Quebec and serve up some of Quebec’s most iconic dishes.

Its a form of expression this article has highlighted and a way to artistically sell one’s self. However, France has many tongues that are native to its lands. Standard dishes include traditional Quebecois-style hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, poutine. However, almost all French dialects used in France are considered mutually intelligible, but they remain not understood in other parts of the globe. Code Switching or code mixing is the switching between two or more languages, in the context of a single conversation. Louisiana Creole – or simply creole is a French-based creole language spoken by far fewer than 10,000 people, mostly in the state of Louisiana in the USA. Montrealers and Quebecois alike will use this term to refer to bank machines or ATMs (automated teller machines.) Reading summary for ENGL300-2 by Torie Bennett: This article is very interesting.

Then again now I may not be able to listen to hip-hop the same way again. Again, the reason for it falling out of favour stems primarily from the fact that it was created specifically to try to prevent the English term from gaining traction in everyday French usage. I understand that there is certain slang in hip-hop but I wasn’t informed about code-switching. Even through song our words can become something much more and this article shows that. They really went into the depths of the article and explained it more into detail. It is then followed by Franco-Ontarians in Ontario (Western Canada), Acadian (Français Acadian), spoken by the Francophone population of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. With over 30 French-speaking countries in the world, It is the only language other than English spoken as a native or first language on all five continents. Once you master it, you can learn any other French dialects or dialects, of course, if required.

Change ), Blog 14: Codeswitching: Montreal Hip-Hop Slang, in-class activity 4/8/2013: “Tom Swifties”, Blog 27: LAST BLOG!!! I think what Montreal is doing is great. I had a friend whose father used to swear in French all the time, mostly when the Montreal Canadiens were losing, lol. Unfortunately, it’s not even as simple as mimicking the French pronunciation.

Creoles in the Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles).

If you or someone you know is planning on moving here, you’re going to come up against our confusing apartment lingo pretty quickly. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

Zut alors or zut is probably pretty safe. I’ve never viewed it that way before. Published on Dec 2, 2007 Nouveau video d'un des artistes les plus prometteurs de Montreal, Cyrano de Montreal prend un saut vers l'avant avec son video Slang de MOntreal. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Creole languages, like Louisiana’s, are interesting because they often mix a formal language and a slang language. These languages are often referred to as patois (a regional form of communication, i.e., dialects, mainly of French), but the term usually has negative connotations. I do look forward to reanalyzing my favorite songs. My bilingual hubby and his quebecois buddies seem to use the F-word alot - or  (F-word)é.

The dislikes from this article was the definitions of “code-switching” just because they made it more difficult that it was intentionally suppose to be. Another food-related term we’ve heard used by try-hard tourists, the term hambourgeois is an archaic (albeit cute) term for a hamburger that positively no one uses any more. It means speakers of both dialects can understand each other. The idea of code-switching is pretty simple, but the action of and the meaning behind it can be rather complicated. All rights reserved. (juh nah parl pah tray bee-en fran-say), Je viens de … Chicago. The southern accent is considered softer and the northern harder. It is similar to a standard or Parisian. There is negligible Arabic influence in the type of French spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In retrospect i feel like I use code switching in a sense because I use different varieties of language when addressing different individuals. Swiss-French is also identical to Standard one. But did you know that our fair North American city is also the world’s second-largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris? Our mixing and mingling of both French and English has given rise to a bunch of terms used on both sides of the language divide that can make it pretty confounding if you find yourself without a local guide. We already have this email. By profession, I'm a College lecturer and by passion, I'm still a learner. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

Ils ont beaucoup influencé au niveau du slang de Montréal », avance Kevin. Any other time I have experienced code-switching, it has been discussed in a negative way. I enjoyed the examination of exclusive groups through a grammatical context because I feel that it is a topic usually ignored in grammar. These dishes usually aren’t too heavy and aren't meant to replace a full meal. In this dialect, there is considerable influence from Dravidian languages like Tamil (Pondicherry Tamil dialect), Telugu (Yanam Telugu dialect), and Malayalam (Mahe Malayalam dialect). So not to worry.

French is an official language of Canada, along with English. In most cases, standard French is enough! There is also an Indian French spoken by Indians in former colonies of Mahe, Pondicherry, Karaikal, Chandernagore, and Yanam in Southern India.

'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? The existence of idioms is a natural consequence of the dynamism of languages. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

Montreal, which is the largest city in Quebec, is also the fourth largest Francophone city in the world. 4.

Montreal is often used as a hub for Air Canada, and many other international airlines fly direct to Montreal. He thinks Montreal hip-hop is rapidly evolving as a form of popular culture among the youth, urban, multiethnic montrealers. I was interested in this article because it addressed code-switching in a positive light. By examining hip-hop in an education article, it sheds light on the importance and culture hip hop promotes. RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best things to do in Montreal. Like any other language, French also has numerous dialects, varieties, and creoles. Though Canadian and Standard French is mutually intelligible.

(Good Luck!). How Many French Dialects in the World?
Just to see that Canadian’s rap about oppression and hate against the people that need to be hated on, that’s kinda cool.

Conversation here flows easily — in English, French and many other languages. It is also referred to as Maghreb French since Arabic words and pronunciations heavily influence the Algerian French. Code-switching is yet another way on construing the lines of communication. Hip-hop makes extensive use of code switching to achieve the effect of complex and very meaningful. English is different for many groups and in many ways individualized. English Language Learners Definition of Creole (Entry 2 of 2), See the full definition for Creole in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Nglish: Translation of creole for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of creole for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about creole. This is a cultural thing where the artist wants to show off more than one culture. You’ll likely embarass yourself the first few times around, but you’ll get the hang of it. The author talks about how code switching has long been recognized to be an important identify. French and Haitian creole are two official languages of Haiti.. Haitian or Caribbean French is another variety spoken in Haiti. Interestingly, when Quebec’s highway system was first planned in the 1950s, the design documents initially referred to the future roadways as autostrades, from the Italian word autostrada. I have been listening to hip-hop all my life and I want to say that this article was very enlightening. Check out our list of 10 popular Caribbean word definitions below to get familiar with some slang and kick start your vocabulary journey. I find it interesting that while communication is the link that binds us all together, it can also act as the force that drives us apart.

It is a mixture of African languages and French and has a very different sound from Standard French.

I believe there's one for French Creole. I have heard people speak Creole before and it is a difficult language to understand but every couple words you can relate it back to an English word and it allows our o have a general idea of how the structure of the language goes. Give the gift of Montréal with these locally designed souvenirs. 2019 Books: PRECIOUS BABY | BEEP! © Tourisme Montréal – Madore – Daphné CARON, [COVID-19] To keep informed about the current situation. This article was highly interesting because I did not know of another Hip-Hop language besides the language that is in Hip-Hop music, as well as extremely different. Another aspect of this article that was interesting is that fact that it relates to teenagers or young adults within the hip-hop culture, that is more than popular today. Required fields are marked *.

Louisiana Creole refers to native born people of various racial descent who are descended from the Colonial French and/or Spanish settlers of Colonial French Louisiana, before it became part of the United States in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase with claim to the Creole culture and Creole cuisine. Pronounced “sank-ah-set,” the term roughly translates as “happy hour” going from 5 pm to 7 pm — or beyond, if everyone’s having a good time! Northwest Africa (spoken by Maghrebis and Berbers). He says it's mild to them. Write or speak Creole online to improve grammar or conversation. They go back and forth from English to Spanish. Several languages and language varieties are commonly used and mixed by Montreal rap artists working in French as a base language.

(juh vee-en duh …). There is about 3000 million French-speaking population in the world. This Quebec-ism comes from the 1970s when the Quebec government decided to legislate an annual holiday for the construction industry that begins on the second-last Sunday of July and lasts for two weeks. I guess I can say that about a lot of things now after reading a lot of these articles. However, Belgian French is more or less similar to standard Parisian one due to the sheer proximity of the two countries in Europe. I don't really feel like I'm swearing when I use it even though it's a significant cuss to them. This article was pretty rough to read for me because I didn’t understand a lot of the words they were using, I just got the gist of it. But one thing I do like about it is the good side of it, and how rappers can creatively use slang to communicate positive messages to audiences of people who speak the same language and come from the same culture.
But did you know that our fair North American city is also the world’s second-largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris? The construction holiday continues to this day, but in addition to construction workers, many other Quebecers take off the same two-week period, making it by far the most popular time for summer vacations in the province. Ghanaian Slang. Thanks for subscribing! I think the response was well written. The author commented on how this rap slang can often hinder code switching. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

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