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He is 24 Years Old as in 2020. After he left, even Ronak and Owais left the family and formed a new clan with Scout.

Thus, he earns 50-100 dollars per day from his AdSense ads.

As Initially, Mortal used to play PUBG Mobile on his iPad 2017 but later he switched his device in order to play more competitive games.

Naman Mathur is a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Graduate. Athena Gamin is his favorite player, and that is what he had told during an interview with K18 Gaming.

Though he is the only most subscribed Mobile gamer in YouTube India who plays in Mobile only. The name MortaL refers to the most humble and entertaining PUBG Mobile player and Youtube streamer in India. When Soul Mortal Start playing Game Like Mini Militia, he was using 3 finger controls.

Recently, He is giving much attention to PMCO Fall Split 2019. Everyone thinks it is a rumor but Raven is Mortal’s girlfriend who is also a gamer.

To practice and stream, he purchased the ASUS ROG.

MortaL was born on 22 May 1996. PUBG Mobile: How to Reach Conqueror Tier in 2020| Tips and Tricks,, Earn 850+ UC for free in PUBG Mobile| bonus reward Challenge 2019. When he is back, he again streams for 1-3 hours and is off to sleep. On his Youtube channel, he streams his live PUBG games and also other gaming videos that could help other players to lift up their game. You can go to ‘Add Friend’ and feed the Player ID and add Mortal as a PUBG friend. People play mobile games on the PC which gets a great advantage. Famous Dialogue: Soul MortaL Caste, Zodiac Sign, Birthplace, and more, Soul Mortal Height, Weight & Body Measurements, Soul Mortal Education And School, College, YouTube Channel:

After returning from the PMCO event, he said in his community that he is taking a break from competitive gaming. he roughly gets 30k rupees donation from his single live stream. which he can practice. Mortal’s average views stand at around 773K with earnings ranging between $5.8K and $92.9K per month. got confident that whatever he was doing was right, and he began uploading a larger

His further planning is to become a lawyer. The Indian gaming community has been growing very fast in the last few years.

Mortal streams PUBG Mobile game on his Youtube channel for a 4-5 hours daily.

He again streams in the afternoon and then takes some rest or go for a walk with his dog.

MortaL now has 3.33 million subscribers and almost 3 billion views on his Youtube channel. One of the ‘most asked questions’ about Naman Mathur is – who his girlfriend is!

MortaL’s gaming setup, setting, Sensitivity. But to take his gaming skills to the next level, he has changed his playing controls to 4-finger Claws system. Mortal was born on 17 August 1996 in Mumbai Maharashtra.

He also used to upload PUBG playing tips and tricks based videos that helped him get decent views and likes. He has done his schooling and completed his graduation in BCOM from Mumbai, Maharashtra itself.

Mortal said he is doing it because of his YouTube family. MortaL Eventually, he came up with the idea of streaming PUBG Mobile on Youtube. Another big player in the Mortal’s team is named Regaltos. Global Finals.

The mentioned figures are not accurate and are only estimates. It is easier to speculate his earning made via Ads but not through sponsored videos and posts.

All the teams from India giving their everything to win the matches.

Soul MortaL of PUBG Mobile India| MortaL’s Wiki, Income, Girlfriend.

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