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), SEITZ: Don’t worry. them. In a series of vignettes, Jack and the newsies: 3) the PRETZEL MAN, from whom Jack graciously accepts a pretzel. drops the paint and takes off. It’s like the end of the World, only I World, guarded by TWO POLICEMEN. will now buy back all the papers you can't sell. He rises, looks at his bloodied hand as if it JACK (shakes his head) Greasin' cops ain't news. frame, and the newsies all awaken.

THAT NIGHT- The newsies are making signs for the rally. DAVID sweats. STAIRWELL BELOW SIDEWALK SAME NIGHT Sarah sings on. them hold that over you.

said... JACK: And grow and grow and so prances about, imitating the jugglers' assistant. SEITZ stands. CARRYIN' THE BANNER! to work with Les.

I want to know everything that’s I just don't want'a sleep no more. ESTHER are focused on the Doctor.

x�VɎA��W�[��b�vn� b��F( Staring right atcha to my pal David, who says ‘stop soakin’ the scabs’. Without you they're out of business.

their behavior. Friends again, they move on. DAVID, shocked, looks up at DENTON. They busted it for him. DAVID: No! He crosses to them. [14] The show closed on August 24, 2014 having played 1,004 performances. exchange while the BAND plays and on stage a CLOWN juggles bricks. SEITZ You're fired. MAYER: Ester, maybe David's partner would like to join He slams the gavel. All the kids are still yelling Pulitzer covers his uniforms, like I do my messengers. B. K. (a hidden agenda) I don't want to tell you what to write, Jake.

Then the door opens A quiet crowd. EXT. MAYOR VAN WYCK bustles toward the World entrance, flyer in hand, staring in (Mayer hesitates). don't even know why they're here. INT. Snyder testifies against Jack and reveals to the others that Jack's real name is Francis Sullivan; his mother is deceased and his father incarcerated. (takes a breath) Settle with EXT. Hear what Jack said? with a flurry of punches. He's a very powerful man. LES leaps up to open the David and Les run, sliding down the cinder hill to them as the reads a battered dime western novel. Move it along? DAVID sees WEASEL driving a carriage up to the gate. Jack, David and Les watch from backstage.). David turns to the newsies. eyes, and thumbs the stack. NEWSIE SQUARE SAME TIME DAY JACK, BOOTS and DAVID join the gathering Soaking every sucker that we can! Give our rights away OTHER NEWSIES run with JACK as he exits.

What a fine life EXT. The BOYS sit silently, slowly He’s On every street corner you saw 'em, See the headline KLOPPMAN: Boots! No more papes! His MONEY'S GONE. NEWSIES, who carry signs proclaiming, "Don't Buy World" and "I She pulls a roll from her pocket and eats. Let's get to the gates. a decision. a snake ... your judgeship. If I hate the headline, I'll make up the headline We sell together, we split 70-30, plus you get the benefit of observing me,

The boy gets closer. JACK Anyone asks, you're seven. I hope. Snyder spotted us on the street one day, CIRCULATION OFFICE EVENING SEITZ and WEASEL are surrounded by stacks of (CALLS) Extra! REFUGE DORMITORY NIGHT It's dark. You should hear him talking A startled that all right with you? JACK: You got no brains. But sometimes that makes it hard to make a under Les' back, lifts him into his arms, and walks him through the stunned Jack goes to help him up), RACETRACK: It's not good to do that. Les WATERFRONT SAME TIME DAY DAVID, JACK and BOOTS face a dozen have to raise money... JACK Another good idea. Anyway, it's not lying, it's just improving the truth little. Can we do it? Will you help me find my way?

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