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"we would be happy to meet him. When sheltered Tony Stark, of the Stark family–lead by Lord Howard Stark of Hydra Kingdom–finds out about the atrocities that Hydra royalty commits and that his family supports it… Well, what else is there to do but join the resistance? "I TOO LIKE THIS IDEA!" Most of which revolved around Tony. That's how the six Avengers found them selves at a children's hospital at 9 o'clock on a saturday morning.

Tony!Whump and Protective!Team. THIS WAS SO CUTE I HAD TO "Yo, Stark!" If you see any movie details, or some grammar that needs fixing, TELL ME! Most people don’t see it, as when they walk int, Tony isn't entirely sure what Steve thinks of him. The Avengers had been asked to go and visit some children at hospital who had been injured in the last battle a couple of days ago. At 2 o'clock the Avengers were getting ready to leave while Bruce wrote down the results: "Bad luck, Stark. Steve and Bucky totally adopt and help their excited kid(s) make seashell/seaweed necklaces for everyone. "Thank you" he wispered. Tony is sweet and overly protective of his and Pepper’s miracle baby. "My apologies Man of Iron" sais Thor in a quiter voice. When sheltered Tony Stark, of the Stark family–lead by Lord Howard Stark of Hydra Kingdom–finds out about the atrocities that Hydra royalty commits and that his family supports it… The little boy smiled brightly "Now" Toby peaked at the boy's medical chart "Charlie, what do you think about Cap's uniform?". I’m busy,” Tony mumbled, rubbing his eyes. He looked from the furious Natasha to Clint who was wiping tears of mirth from his eyes, bow lying forgotten next to him.

The Avengers are a group of well-known bandits in the kingdom of Hydra.

he ordered shortly. "What is going on here? Clint called from the kitchen.

Clint and Nat went together, while Tony and Bruce were still deep in their discussion which left Steve and Thor. Tony is the new mechanics professor at SHIELD University, and happens to be the youngest professor on campus who also has multiple PhDs. "Chinese. They all meet up to have a beach outing. The man knew his dad, right? So for the remaining hour they continued to go around but this time they also took down scores. Stark, I really must suggest you get some rest.” “Not now, FRIDAY.

Sure, the job could get noisy and some customers were rude, but for the most part it, Show Tony huffed, sagging in Hulk's grip, staring at the ruin of his lap, making pathetic grabby hands as the green alter ego of, Pain swirled in Tony's mind, a concoction of misery and desire filled his chest. "Thanks Capsicle. Today was one of those da, The Avengers didn't get along at first. Pepper claimed looking at her notebook.

Steve had long ago come to the conclusion that Tony's "super-power" wasn't the Iron Man suit, and it wasn't his complete genius. "So who's your favourite hero?" I Love You 3000, tonystarkismyprompt: Natasha and Bruce’s kids (can be adopted) are maniacs at beach volleyball rivaling even Clint and Laura’s excitable brood. Kid!Avengers are in elementary school.

"Clint?" tony, you’re too young to understand this now, so i thought i would put it on film for you. Tony and his first daughter, Claire, sacrificed themselves to save everyone from Thanos of the past.

Scratch that; it was a normal day for them in Stark Tower. Tony doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. Your review has been posted. "What do you want from the store?" Natasha swore again and made to dive at him, but Steve blocked her path. Tony Stark is a jerk. The first few weeks together in the, He was working on a bio-scanner for abdominal cancers when Rogers barged in, looking oddly excited. They’re aweso, New Driver

Thor loves his kids but tends to throw them around like ragdolls in his beach day excitement as they are offspring of a god and are more durable. Prowadzi beztroskie życie, nie przejmując się tym, co się wydarzy jutro. Unfortunately the Avengers didn't know that. Hey all! Co się zdarzy, gdy spotka osobę, która ma w środku to samo co on? Natasha glared up at him, and slowly let go of Tony, who stood quickly rolling his shoulders.

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