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This should be like, at least 2nd or 3rd place. Why is this not in the list?

A fairy, from a society where they have to EARN their wings through karma/good deeds.

So try it! Is online dating different from having a "lover" while roleplaying? The roleplay limits are endless and the game has amazing graphics.

Lol yEsSss tbh, we could even do it on a private server if we get enough people!

I wish this game was never made. Pretend your boyfriend is a cop and you’re trying to get out of a speeding ticket. 43 comments. Just a driver - Drive people to destinations. A good game for a good, but not quite full-fledged serious roleplayer.

IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! Great game I love it. Might edit page and put more down here. 11/10. Identify if you want to role-play in first or third Person. There's lots of secrets and a great map. Should we do it here or like, discord? If you're into spaceship roleplays or even roleplays in general you should try it out. The original game got ban but the new version is the same. I do not understand why people say "nobody plays it anymore". I enter a random server almost every day and there's always, at the very least, four role players that are worth my time. I love this game the only downside is people with lots of money like to show off and sometimes it's not equal of what you have.One other downside is that the cars after a year or so of playing it all the cars you buy mess up and glitch and don't work Anyways beside that I love this game. Unfortunately it has taken severe hits to its popularity and not many play it now. Also its very lame Like really lame All you do is make a family and then Date IS THAT ALL?! The act of god-modding (Or "GMing") is looked down upon, and very much hated. It is truly for professionals. I LOVE roblox high school allot, however,like LemonComputer said, if you enjoy being a fantasy character then this isn't really the game for you...I do have some fantasy experiences that I could share if anyone is interested...I have a character called Kei, she has white skin, black ripped jeans and a black hoodie with purple hair 'ya know, you average high school goth right?

My first ever ROBLOX game very fun and the only role playing game where I actually get adopted. So many things to do and roleplay. Just take note to make the City RP game more child friendly and entertaining so the people playing it would not get bored in the game.

What do ya’ll think? * You can also use them to correct mistakes when you’re talking. I play this game a lot. Also, most people let you join their rp, and you don't have to watch anime to play it and enjoy it!

The original game got ban but the new version is the same. In my view, City Roleplay games with jobs are best for most children which play Roblox. Also the attacks are broken. For those of you that don't know what the term "god-mod" means; god-modding is basically making yourself undefeatable, or extremely powerful in a roleplay. There are different types of games to try such as: Historical (Egyptian Kingdom RP, Kingdom Life II), High School (High School Life, ROBLOX High School), Town (Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia, Pacifico), Mermaid (Mako Mermaids), story-based role-plays (Warriors) or even Anime RP games. There are good graphics.

Only real professionals play this game anymore. (Part 2? so much fun, tons to do, amazing game with many secrets, play now! However, you describe the actions as an outsider such as He/She did this.

Most roleplaying games have things known as "morphs", where you can morph your character (Robloxian) into a character from the franchise you're roleplaying in.

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