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The only other solution is if you have a huge stock of demons, and keep swapping in new decoys with Flynn, to save half-press turns.

And even then, it may well kill you (although there is a way to get around this, thankfully).

He will sometimes cast Megidolaon, but one or two uses per turn won't present much of a problem.

However, using the standard "Scout" skill on them will not work.

However, he won't kill anybody with almighty moves if you play the fight correctly, and his physical attacks aren't that dangerous.

This is because it is impossible to have two copies of the same demon in your stock. 44 are unlocked by beating challenge quests.

However, the more HP they have, the better, as this will make surviving Mortal Jihad easier (unless they resist physical). Reload that save file if the Fiend does not spawn.

Most importantly, ensure someone can repel/drain elec. Your demons will survive the first turn unless they're really fragile, so take full advantage and put those buffs in place. ". © 2020 Playasia. Some formatting changes. 4339-3119-0814. However, his default skills aren't that useful. See here for more info).

However, all this will seem like a breeze compared to hunting down the other Fiends.
However, I am particularly looking for more info on how to beat the Fiends on Master, and strategies involving DLC skills and demons. If you're unsure what a demon is doing, it is usually better to wait and bait it, than to try running past it.

Pale Rider likes to do a Pandemic Bomb + Death's Door + other attack combo, which is a guaranteed kill on at least one of your demons, but uses up a whopping three press turns. Needless to say, with how rare fusion accidents are, this will not be easy. 56), Fiend White Rider (Lv.

Tags: Demon Compendium TrailerDemon SpeciesDemonic Compendium TrailergameplayJapannewsnintendo switchPlaystation 4Pre-OrderPS4release datescreenshotsShin Megami TenseiShin Megami Tensei IIIShin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD RemasterSwitchtrailerUpdate, Your email address will not be published. Like Red Rider, fighting him will require a bit of luck, but fortunately, you don't need anywhere near as much to defeat him. This gives you sacred time to set up buffs, debuffs and Doping. Can only be obtained through a fusion accident.

You can even save, exit and reload the save, and it will still be there.

I never really thought about donations until GameFAQs suggested I add them to my guides. There are a few key behaviours which all seven exhibit in battle: In terms of skills (non-DLC), I strongly recommend the following: Phys: Titanomachia/Hades Blast/Berserker God. However, there are parts of the guide which do mention advice for Master difficulty. Keeping your decoys alive is vital because he uses Antichthon for his almighty spam, which is deadly.

My demons' levels usually ranged from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.

1) as the result. Plasma is only obtainable from the Death Has Its Applications DLC quest, purchasable for $2.99 (this is also one of the quests you can use for the DLC trick). I've not tried this yet with Tetraja, but I doubt it'd be the same, since only Trumpeter uses hama/mudo attacks (in contrast to physical attacks, which every Fiend can use).

This guide is hosted on GameFAQs. I'm not pressuring anybody to donate, but hey, if you want to give me money, I'm not going to complain.

There are a total of ten Fiends in this game. However, this is all made much harder considering you have to heal and remove his debuffs almost every turn. Let the strongest between us be the victor!

If you then quit the mission, the RNG will reset, meaning there is a fresh chance for a Fiend to spawn. A very important point to make is that some Fiends cannot be encountered on certain endings, and even cycles. Because a Charged Mortal Jihad can deal over 1000 damage, I strongly recommend Life Surge or Enduring Soul on any demons who don't resist physical. I was also getting a bit bored of physical and gun attacks. Without buffs, he can do over 2000 damage per turn just with Great Logos. Smirk will be extremely useful for dodging Great Logos. So you're potentially looking at 800-1000 damage in a single turn, if you don't have buffs and you get unlucky. You should therefore make a save slot on the World Map just outside the shelter. Otherwise, you'd be able to fuse endgame demons before leaving Naraku. There is an alternative way to hunt Fiends. He'll also be more likely to attack if you end talks early. 12) You will have finally finished Fiend hunting, unless you've still got Chemtrail to find. Interestingly, this seems to override the mechanics of point (d) - if you fuse via the now-discredited 'Mara method', instead of picking a lower-levelled Famed, the game will always pick a low-level starting demon instead. Therefore, you may want to hunt the Fiends in that order, if you'd like to fuse the Fiend straight after you defeat it. Besides Megidolaon, they all either deal moderate damage to a single target or no damage at all. More events... News. Antichthon has its uses, but his MP pool means you can realistically only use it once, or twice but with virtually no MP left.

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