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Very good.

Thanks so much for giving us all an outlet and helping me raise competent men.

Yum, I used to make something similar, with rice instead of bread, and regular heavy cabbage.

Sausages or simple kale and white bean stew or something, maybe? It was perfectly moist and practically falling off the bone. I used to think that my Grandma’s (AKA “Best Cook in the World”) Hungarian stuffed cabbage recipe was seriously the best ever, and I am, as a result, a serious stuffed cabbage snob (I didn’t even bother with your other version) but now, it’s Italian counterpart has just claimed equal status as the Italian version of Best Stuffed Cabbage Ever Ever. My Sicilian nana made this with rice instead of bread crumbs–which is a nice gluten free alternative. Out of walnuts so I used half pecans and half slivered almonds. Take it out in the morning. I’ve got this simmering on the stove right now and the aroma is killing me!

We had to make some switches based on what we had on hand: red cabbage from our csa box, panko flakes instead of bread crumbs and no fresh herbs.

I made this yesterday and it was awesome. Do you think that a “veggie” ball made with mashed black beans would go with the sauce?

I used a ceramic skillet and a 4.5 lb chicken, which took about an hour to cook. Easy and very yum. People who don’t care for cabbage will love it because the sauce is amazing.

I made these with a few substitutions to fit into my diet — 100% whole what bread, plain “light” soy milk (Silk), and sweet turkey sausages instead of pork. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to see this! If it’s done before the cabbage looks good, return the cabbage to the oven until it’s dark and caramelized. will make it again! Yes – people are finally beginning to realize how delicious cabbage can be – it’s delectable.

I am realizing that the phrase savoy cabbage actually covers many more varieties than I thought.

What a genius solution to take the same idea indoors! I loved the look of this when it was first posted, but February in Australia just isn’t stuffed cabbage weather! Thanks for the recipe, it was bunches of fun to make.

True, Maureen, but only small amounts are called for in this recipe as accents to the cabbage. Our 3lb chicken was perfect and the cabbage was simply divine. Not much bandwidth in the rural areas.

WOW this is great! It didn’t appeal to me at all, and yet i found myself buying a savoy cabbage.

these look absolutely amazing.

This is too much. This was amazing and so easy!! Thank you so much for this recipe! Only had half a cabbage to work with so added carrots to fill in the gaps.

This speaks to the peasant inside who’s not afraid to admit that cabbage is probably my favorite vegetable. The meatballs were delightfully light, and the sauce very tasty. We finally made this tonight. Thanks. Thanks! Delicious! My 7 yr old ate this!!!

Thank you for sharing your work. Gasp!

The chicken was good but the cabbage was sensational!

I wanted to try it with pomegranate seeds I have in the fridge but forgot…. also I couldn’t resist doing some googling myself and now am on a mad quest to find a good recipe for yiaprakia…anyone? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Deb, congratulations on putting out another recipe that I have to try in the next week! I didn’t know I needed a new roast chicken in my life when Helen Rosner, the New Yorker’s roving food correspondent and all-around fascinating person, posted on her Instagram a few weekends ago that she didn’t have her usual vegetables to put under her roast chicken so she was using cabbage instead. My grandma always just blanched the head of cabbage. And lemon! I’m Greek and my grandmother makes the most delicious cabbage rolls stuffed with beef, rice, tomato, and lots of dill.

I made this last night.

I’d like to re-create it but don’t really want to roast a whole chicken again. My oven is hot, the sauce was fantastic, the leaves were charred, but inside was both chewy and raw. Thank you SO MUCH. Added half a chopped onion to the cabbage. I cooked the chicken for 50 minutes at 450, but could have gone a little longer. P.S. I followed the recipe exactly; my bird was a little over 3 pounds and I cooked it 1 hr 10 minutes. Yep, making this for the second time in a week.

I made these today and decided to use leftover seasoned cheese sticks for the bread. I get them at an Italian grocery store in Essex Market.

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