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(1500 Research, Dust Devil Disaster near a Dome), Enough crazy for today.

Surviving Mars is a strategy management game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive. (Gamer Colonists have a chace to lose or gain 25 Morale for 10 Sols), [Paradox Interactive, $400M] We'll make a Game Design Tournament instead! I don't want to set the world on fire. (should the opportunity ever arise, and it may not, you will be able to exact revenge.) (Medics and Scientists get, The Morale in our infirmaries and labs is a top priority. (Breakthrough), One day, we will meet in peace. (a Drone Hub is ruined). (Breakthrough), [Politician] Bring the matter to the authorities on Earth.

(lose the prefab but get $400M Funding), [Inventor] Let me see the instructions... (lose the prefab but get an Electronics Factory prefab), Sounds like a no-brainer - sell them the rights and get royalties. (15 applicants with the Tourist trait, 10 Colonists with the Martianborn and Whiner traits), I don't have time for babysitting. Special Projects are undertakings that require a large payload but grant permanent bonuses when the Expedition is completed. Send drones to widen the water entrances and form a river bed.

Prototype Story Bits can take place once a certain technology has been discovered but not researched.

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Jul 28, 2019 @ 3:23pm Rover riddle [spoiler] Hey guys. (, [$100M] We can organize some stock market shenanigans to press them. We offer 5% commission and their secrets will remain such. 「Surviving Mars」に関する情報を集積するwikiです。 ようこそ「Surviving Mars 攻略情報wiki」へ ニュース Curiosity Update配信開始(2018/5/31) Opportunity Update配信開始(2018/4/25) 修正パッチ配信開始(2018/03/23) Teach a man to fish... (lose 40% Botanist Colonists, +25 Standing with the Rival Colony), No one said that surviving Mars is easy. Charge 'em. Let's have us some fireworks! (no effects). Free rocks for everyone! Major Story Bits start by having negative effects upon the colony and require completing an objective upon which they are turned into benefits. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Surviving Mars > General Discussions > Topic Details. (lose 2 Drones and 10% Medic Colonists, [Russia] Send trained Officers to help restore order. These are special Story Bits that are unlocked only when a certain Breakthrough technology is already researched. Planetary Anomalies usually come in sets of 3 to 6. (1 prefab of Polymer Factory, Electronics Factory and Machine Parts Factory), We would not grace them with a reply. I just got an event called "The Bomb". Surviving Marsを日本語で遊ぶためのMODです。 < > 75 Comments KIR PAPAZ Oct 8 @ 11:21am POGE bana yardımcı ol ! Just make sure our Drones are better protected from now on. (Accumulators will stop working until the end of the Cold Wave), Clear it out and check that no contamination has spread. (25% of all Religious become Renegades, gain a Guru and 12 Religious Colonists), [Church of the New Ark] Nobody expects the Martian Inquisition! ($500M Funding. (fireworks display), I will do anything for love but I won't do that. All rights reserved. (Mike is sent to Earth, 25% of Security Officers gain, 10% chance to discover a Breakthrough; 40% chance to discover 3 new technologies; 50% chance to gain 3000, 50% chance to gain a Social tech; 50% chance to discover one each of Physics, Biotech, and Social techs; Mike disappears, [Blue Sun Corporation] Remind them of their contracts. (Guru Colonist gains the Enthusiast or Workaholic traits), Some say that the meaning of life is to have fun.

(Rival Colony loses Colonists and Funding, -30 Standing with all Rival Colonies), Warn them - this could be embarrassing for us all. Don't rock the boat I say.

), This is ridiculous! (3 cable faults), Install heater units. It just can't work. We can't stop the factories right now.

Grant Still Osbourne asylum.

(50 applicants with the Tourist trait), This honor is not my own. Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Send drones to operate the engines and steer it on a collision course.

All Expeditions to Planetary Anomalies take 12 hours to complete. Test the thesis. (lose 2 Drones, 50 applicants with the Tourist trait), Of course we will ring the bell on this one. Let him do whatever he deems necessary.

Inform the UN. Astraeus.

It is also impossible to destroy or remove power lines and pipes. (10 Colonists with the Glutton trait). (for 10 Sols Colonists with the Religious trait get, Mars is for all humans regardless of their beliefs.

Expel the false prophet! From Surviving Mars Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Arcology Overview Type Homes, Education & Research Effects +32 residential space Requirements Cost Concrete 80 Polymers 10 Maintenance Polymers 4 20 Arcology is a. (rival colony is destroyed), We cannot concern ourselves with petty squabbles. (20 Colonists), [SpaceY] Two can play this game! (Colonists without specialization get, [$250M] Outbid the rivals. (50 applicants with the Tourist trait, 25 applicants with the Sexy trait), [Europe] We'll organize a Drone corrida! (the Colonist gains the, Send colonists to take the maniac down! (10 Colonists gain the Renegade trait), Close all Security Stations for 5 Sols for retraining. (20 Colonists with the Religious and Glutton traits). Expeditions are undertakings launched from the Planet View that require a Rocket loaded with various payloads and grant large rewards upon completion. It must be a terrible experience!

Which option do I choose? I got hit by a nasty storm once but i had redundant systems and a backlog of materials ready so i was able to repair at all times. (no effects), Perform the maintenance. (reveals the tech enabling the Wonder, Micro Fusion. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version Armstrong. (Residences get, The positive effects overshadow the negative ones, keep it running! (Biorobot recovers, Colonists lose 30 Comfort, Biorobots get, Biorobots were created to complement our weaknesses. (, Invite over some of them. All Rights Reserved. (5 Colonists with the Genius trait, -60 Standing with all Rival Colonies), Finders, keepers! Let our Sponsor handle this. We can feed everyone. (lose 3 Drones, gain 50 Tourist and 10 Engineer Enthusiast Applicants), Just fix the problem. Planetary Anomalies have random names but the description will give an indication of what rewards to expect.

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