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I always go for the latex b/c it’s easy but i can see that oil based gives you the “pro” finish. It will also help to have the painting tools such as buckets that you are ok with being painted permanently, some stirring sticks, paint strainers, gloves, and a funnel.

Thanks for the tutorial on primer/paint.

I cannot access the downloadable template I need for diy anthropologie knobs. You can find other great brands such as Sherwin Williams, or international brands that also make these three types of primers. Oil-based paints being highly viscous needs to be thinned to reduce the viscosity of paint before you can use them in your spray gun. This formula gives your wood surface, for example, excellent adhesive properties and … I am keeping tabs on the cost I am still well below $4000. How to Get Oil-Based Paint Out of Carpet? I tend to agree just based on personal experience but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt (especially if you lightly sand first). What you chose to go with sure looks like it works…I would have thought you bought the hutch in a showroom! Keep your stir stick handy, so you can mix the primer as you are using it. I painted the hutch last night with primer and penatrol. But, now she’s going to have to deal with chipping paint on top of the primer.

I have started with the Zinnsers spray primer that is sillicon based, not oil or latex. What Kind of Paint to Use on Your Chiminea – And How? Got any tips to share? Oil based primer is great for raw wood and mdf, where water based primer may cause swelling or stain to bleed through.

Below is a table showing which products work best on what substrate/problem. I now use it as my go to with my bridging primer from old oil to WB as all the WB glosses/satins ive tried over it has been great with 1 Allcoat and 1 topcoat (helmi 80, Armstead, caparol and Bedec I’ve tried over yellowed oil gloss). I’ve gotten over my irrational fear of using oil-based primer (I paint on canvas with oils, for cripe’s sake!

Almost for a child room? Can you help please? The surface may feel chalky or even slightly rough. Contains a biocide that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation. Oh my! Remember, latex paint is water-based—and water does not mix well with oil. I like the look, and am always a little afraid of going to stark white, but hate to choose anything that will end up looking too creamy and give off a yellowed look.

Your hutch is gorgeous! To avoid too much thinning and color differences, its best to mix the paint and thinner at room temperature.

Most paint professionals will tell you it is not advisable to use oil based paint over water based primer.


I will post them on my blog when they are finished. Hi- new to your site…and I love your tips. Totally book marking this post for future reference! The durability and easy of clean up is between water based and shellac based painting primers. It’s Beautiful! For glossy surfaces, sanding is very important . So, get your drop sheets ready, because we are about to get started.

This means your new oil paints will not properly adhere and apply to the new surface well. It is self-leveling and gives that shell hard look of an oil with the ease a water-based. However, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly so there is no dirt and grease before priming!

Have a beautiful day! Primer also helps to save paint when painting porous surfaces like drywall or raw wood.

Ooooh that glossy shine. Filed Under: Before + After, DIYTagged as: primer, thrift store find60 Comments ». I’m a renovator, decorator, pattern maker, and globetrotter who writes about great interior design, smart home improvement, and my travel adventures. (think teaspoons) The goal is to decrease drag marks from the brush and make the primer easier to use. Thanks, as I am about to embark on a similar project. If you choose to work directly from the paint can itself, tiny blobs (technical term) of dried primer will scrape from the brush back into the can and incorporate into the mix. They all held up MUCH better than the first two in the scratch tests. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!

I am researching painting methods to paint my sons dresser. You can find other great brands such as Sherwin Williams, or international brands that … I have a tool that I couldn’t find that has a blade on the end of a very sturdy handle. Then just use a good paint that’s recommenced for over plastic.

}, Wickedly Fun Halloween Cat Decorations ($0 Easy Craft!

Thank you Kate!

It just seems like so much TROUBLE to use oil based products. :) Can’t wait to see the rest of the room…don’t even want to think about how I’ll feel when my kids go off to college—you’re making me weepy! Hence I am off to the store today for that. Can’t you just paint with a roller? Most of the time, when I’m brushing or rolling paint on walls or furniture, I choose latex for its quick drying time and easy cleanup. When you drag your brush across oil-based primer that is drying, the brush will leave marks and rough up your smooth surface. (Zinsser has not paid me to say this. What is the difference between paint and primer? Since you’re a paint guru, have you heard anything about the durability of using low or no VOC paint? Thank you so much! But this is the process I do and it turns our Really good. Can You Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Stripping the Paint Of. I am glad it will be useful to you in the future.

Your tutorials make it seem very ‘do-able’ but I am wondering – did you not sand this particular piece?

how we gave this dated old fridge a $2000 new look, for less than $20! Now, I don’t mean to be shouty and go all caps on you, but this is just one of those hard and fast DIY rules. So when you are shopping around, check the label to make sure you are purchasing an oil-based paint that can either be used directly in the spray gun you have or can be thinned for spray gun use.

thank you Tyler for sharing your experience! If you do not wish to accept cookies from this website, you can choose to not allow cookies from this website by updating your browser preferences. Please do as I say, and NOT as I do. Thank goodness I didn’t injure myself with just this little ol’ rusty blade ! And I LOVE your take on the Tiffany blue! I’m in the middle of refinishing a hutch myself.

That is so pretty!! So, in the case of painting plastic, I would de-gloss it real good with a red Scotch-Brite pad. If the primer is too difficult to smooth with your paintbrush, thin it slightly with mineral spirits. I refinished an entire set of bedroom furniture using oil based paint and boy was it tricky. Primer is dull so it can get dirty easily, and it is harder to wipe clean, so it is best to add at least a coat of paint over it. Thanks for the post. It really helps to have some professional tips.

Not recommended for full surface exterior applications or very humid interiors, only spots. While you are at the store, you’ll need to purchase some thinning agents.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'repaintnow_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',133,'0','0'])); The instructions on your paint can specify what to purchase, but a typical thinner is turpentine or mineral spirits. EHow has another brief article on advantages and disadvantages.

All due to your tip on using Flowtrol.

Unfortunately it seems to only tint to lighter colours and I’m after a darker blue.

It could be a while though;). Zinsser has kind of broke that rule with their so-called primers. As usual, your tips are wonderful. Next, follow the paint-to-thinner ratio specified on your paint label. It’s definitely something I enjoy doing, though, and love to see how others can transform things with paint into something spectacular (like your hutch). The cabinet looks great! I have always been afraid of the oil-based stuff – maybe I need to venture out!

Now that we have been up to our eyeballs in everything from bookshelf building to window pane replacement, I finally feel qualified to create our collection of basic DIY tips and tricks. Thanks again!

Now I am going to move to a large, victorian style dresser and have a couple of further questions. This was a very interesting post. Stir, stir, and stir some more. Kate, that is a gorgeous finish. We waited for the paint to dry and cure for 2 weeks,  then tried to scratch the paint off, using medium pressure, then heavy pressure. I love what you did!! Soak a cotton ball in alcohol or nail polish remover and rub it on the paint in question. How exactly do you do that?

Spot-prime heavy stains with the aerosol spray. How to Thin and Apply Spar Urethane Correctly? Many thanks, hi grace! ), DIY Photo Candles with Packing Tape Clear Stickers, 24 Colorful Outdoor Planters for Winter &Christmas Decorations, Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Table Decoration For $1 (SO easy! Plus I love the idea of her having a special place to keep her childhood memories behind glass. I’m getting ready to redo a hutch and this article was perfect timing! Hmmm….if you live near me maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to find some of the things I’m looking for in the thrift stores – you’re getting them first! I still landed with deep paint strokes. I also use a skinny, short foam roller for the larger areas which really helps cut down on the brush strokes.

I thought till after several weeks of research I decided on oil based enamel paint. I have the base coat on and am doing the accent color and a light glaze tomorrow…. My mama has been rehabbing furniture for about 50 years and SWEARS by oil based primers and paints. I have been using small foam rollers for furniture and the finish looks great. One more important note: Before you begin, make sure your project is clean and free of loose paint. Here’s the final buffet and hutch in her room. Thank you for sharing them! Ideal for new plaster and other surfaces with up to 12.5pH. It really answered some questions I’ve had. It’s very important to know what you’re actually painting over before you start a job. I have found that if I am working on something with a smooth finish, I use a foam roller and a brush in the details parts.

Let’s discuss ! They said they would only recommend it if covering something that had some grease spots/stains. WOW!

We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. So, you are painting/priming over PLASTIC, as that’s what that laminate surface is made of. Use in well ventilated space. It’s a big one: One Room Challenge Week 1. Pour a small amount into a separate container such as a large yogurt tub or a plastic cup. Now the primer and paint stick without scratching off. I knew most of what you wrote about oil based paint,

I’ve found that for trim (and our recent wainscoting), using oil-based primer helps a lot. And, should I add the Penetrol to the primer as well? Hi Izzy, great question. That was a great tutorial! }, Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath ( Improved Version! They are both high gloss enamel surfaces. If yes, what grit did you use, and did you sand the final coat.

With that process I don’t have to wait the 24 hours between coats. Lastly, "real" primers are mainly just for covering over unpainted surfaces before the paint. I’ve never had a problem with my latex chipping off either, but your finish definitely looks PRO! Such great information, Kate, thanks for sharing you know-how. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. < Same with that door, no primer needed, just some good prep and paint. thank you so much for sharing your experiences! And it looks fabulous, dahlink! Can’t figure out why that happened, but it did. Beautiful job. Comparison of water based vs shellac vs oil based paint primer. Once you follow these six simple steps for using oil-based primer, your project will be properly prepped for your favorite paint. That stuff will scratch glass, and that’s what you want. Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 effectively primes and seals a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Best temperature for application: between 35f and 90f ( 2c and 32c). It is fine to use latex paint over oil-based paint, but you must use an oil-based primer before you do. I might have missed it, but did you tell the name of the white you used?

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