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Copyright © 2020 Boating Magazine. The result is a watercraft with far more storage capacity than any other. © SmartMarineGuide New York, NY - All rights To accommodate a crowd and still retain quintessential handling characteristics for any combination of riders, Yamaha engineers went outside the template of traditional watercraft design. With a presence so ominous you might want to surrender to this new mega-machine with its Darth Vader image. reserved. - Shellie Frey.

Yamaha SUV 4 seater fully custom, sound system, gps. Call 800-88-YAMAHA. Includes original owners manual and original Yamaha tool set. We strongly recommend this upgrade for any XLL owners experiencing valve train malfunctions, and/or any owners intending to use their XLL sleeper for high-speed rough-water applications. Re: yamaha XL 1200 LTD idle speed setting 2000 Yam XL1200 LTD shoudl be 1300+-100 on the trailer and about 900 in the water if I remember right. One of the things you'll notice at first sight of the SUV, which appropriately stands for sport utility vehicle, is the unusual closed-in stern. Check out this Whopper by Yamaha. This ingenious design showcases port and starboard lockers that keep water from entering the footwells under heavy passenger loads and offers elongated storage compartments for water skis, fishing rods and other long items frequently used on the water. If you are familar with this limited production Yamaha SUV model then you already know how great they are.This is the Cadillac Escalade of Jet Ski's.The only riding 4 seater designed Jet ski, fully enclosed base hull so you don't get wet unless you jump off. Loaded with features like tilt steering, reverse, adjustable trim and full instrumentation that includes the industry's first programmable security system, the SUV is the most complete, most reliable four-person watercraft today - 2001 Yamaha Wave Runner 1200 SUV, 2002 YAMAHA SUV 1200 lowrance hds5 nautic insight fishfinder,,,lowrance lvr-88ovhs radio,,, atwood stotlight..optronios compass,,aerated live well.. fish well..wired downrigger mount..built in anchor..9 rod holders,,3 rocket launchers...cooler rack..and much much more..must see to appreciate.. Personal Water Craft, 1999 Yamaha SUV 1200,Very good condition (garage kept) w/ only 127 hrs. At 151.6-inches long by 59.5-inches wide, the Yamaha WaveRunner SUV 1200 is by far the grandest personal watercraft ever, the SUV handles so well that you'll have to stop and look back to believe how much more fiberglass is behind you. The "1999 Watercraft of the Year," the SUV is designed to deliver unequalled versatility and performance for the owner that enjoys the adventure and thrill of personal watercraft riding, but wants the storage and towing ability of a top-notch waterski boat.

Fairly new cover.

1999 Yamaha SUV 1200,Very good condition (garage kept) w/ only 127 hrs. Instead, hop on Yamaha's WaveRunner XL 1200 and feel the force of its power.

If you would like to get a quote on a new 2005 Yamaha WaveRunner® XLT 1200 use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this PWC to other 3-4 Passenger PWCs. Classifieds provide easy to search listings of PWC's for sale, Research the Personal Watercraft and get a price quote from local dealers, Choose a state to browse listings of all Personal Watercraft dealers in your area, Use our Buyer’s Guide to get a quote or fill out an online application to get the coverage you need. 1200cc motor very clean and premix! The footwells drain through scuppers that are equipped with back-flow preventers. CARBS HAVE BEEN FRESHLY REBUILT ONLY 81.5 HRS 2005 Yamaha WaveRunner® XLT 1200 pictures, prices, information, and specifications.

Polished in dramatic black and gray, the XL 1200 sports a bold look for 1998 and a suggested retail price of $7,799. the all-new four-person WaveRunner SUV1200 boat is a wipe-the-slate-clean breakthrough in watercraft design... Model All rights reserved. tons of storage space, 6.5 gallon fresh water shower on board. Best Gifts for Boat Owners This Holiday Season, 9 Tips for Winterizing Your Boat’s Marine Electronics.

Very easy for to learn to ride for young or beginners and extremely safe.Trailer in good shape bearing and wheels replaced 1.5 years ago and includes drive on guides for easy loading. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 1200 PV engines just had the Oil pump lines shrink and pop-off as a common problem and the Power Valves dropping into the cylinder from snapping off or coming out of the lever link.

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Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. There is no other boat like it in the world. Skiers will also appreciate the XL 1200's two side-mounted, adjustable rearview mirrors and wide, padded footwells for easier ski and board donning. Equipped with a potent 135-hp, three-cylinder, 1131-cc marine engine with 155-mm Hyper-Flow pump and a 5-degree-up nozzle with Thrust Directional Enhancer (TDE), the XL 1200 unofficially boasts the fastest accelerating package in its class. Newly designed sponsons add to the craft's turning ability, and an integrated spray guard reduces bow spray at all speeds.

About The Pump – The pump on the XLL utilizes a 155mm impeller (the same diameter used in earlier Yamaha 1200 models.

A pre-production unit on display at the dealer show housed two tents, a Coleman grill, cooler, folding picnic table with seating for four, two six-packs, inflatable raft, beach ball, water ski, tow rope, fishing rod, tackle box and towels. Instead, hop on Yamaha's WaveRunner XL 1200 and feel the force of its power. At 151.6 inches in length and 59.5 inches wide the SUV1200 provides all the comfort and versatility of a boat while delivering the fun and excitement of a personal watercraft.

Convenience and versatility aside, the SUV's unique hull design makes it a superb rough water boat that also handles better than most two-person watercraft. SUPER CLEAN, 2000 YAMAHA SUV 1200 Easily rides 2 while pulling (3) on tubes. If … Watercraft 4 Person 31 PSN . 1999 Yamaha SUV1200 RARE 4 SEATER WAVERUNNER WITH TRAILER ! If you've ever thought about getting lost for the weekend, this is the one watercraft that can reasonably carry enough essentials to keep from "roughing it".

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